Thursday, 13 August 2009

300th Post!!!

Unfortunately I'm not in a celebratory mood though. I am in the midst of a horrible day of panic attacks and depressive lows, at the same bloody time. I feel like road kill. Luckily Andrew will be home a little earlier today and we are going to go to the lottie and have a picnic. God willing I will feel better for the company and the air; please let it be quiet down there, any noises are making me jump. Andrew phoned a little while ago and I swear I was nearly off the sofa, just so scared and trying to get away from the noise. Silly girl.
Luckily I have taken meds for this latest panic and I hope (I so hope) I can get sleep or at the very least just lay down and not be shaky and think those bad thoughts for a while. I am writing because I need to keep busy and other people's words on TV or in books don't seem to make much sense at the minute.
This is also the last part of the Family Fun Day write up. I have little left to tell....

The closing chapter:
Field B held its own Pitch and Putt, I saw the green and it was fabulous but I didn't manage to get a go :( And also in field B Ricky had made lottie soup and rolls for sale, I really wanted some; I had heard it was so good but this sign greeted me at the entrance to their field. I was not amused!! I had said the night before I wanted some soup set aside, people, really, they can be a pain sometimes, haha. I did get some fresh soda bread right off the griddle though in field C so all was not lost. In fact I stick my tongue out at the idea of soup (lovely lottie and chicken soup....) and embrace the warm yet crispy soda with vigour. So there.

I'll ask Andrew if he really does want to contribute to the post but I'm not sure if he will. Look out for an Update.

Suffice to say, we all had a great day, raised lots of money (not sure how much yet!) and a good few of us staid at the lotties until it got dark, laughing away like eejits. We even tidied the whole place up, you wouldn't know there had been 100s , dare I say 1000s! of people there all day. Maggie particularly enjoyed the evening, teasing Gus (her boyfriend - sadly they are both neutered) all night, chasing him all over the place, she had him exhausted.


  1. So it was fun after all, even to Maggie and Gus....

  2. Hi Carrie it sounds like a great day. hope you enjoyed your quiet picnic too.


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