Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The corn is as high as....

a [baby] elephant's eye! And it looks like it's climbing really rather well this year. Hehe Oh what a beautiful lottie...Oh what a beautiful day.....etc

Please do cast your gaze over our fine display of Sweetcorn this year. I think it's done a bit better than last years due to the windbreak we put up. As I've said many a times ~ it's a wind tunnel down at our lotties.

See how the tassels are going brown and drying up. That means it's almost party time!! I LOVE fresh sweetcorn, each little corn kernel pops so deliciously in the mouth, and they don't half live up to their name, ie. sweet. Yummy. Of course we have to wait until 2 are ripe and ready to go, or there will be a fight in the Gault kitchen, haha.

Underneath the corn we have 2 squash plants. We haven't had much luck with these or pumpkins in the past but this year Andrew was very vigilant and took on the role of baby maker! By that I mean he kept his eyes on the flowers and made sure that the female ones where fertilised by a male. All those botany lessons at school, finally have some use! And viola, we have 2 baby squashes this year! I guess we ought to name them. Super duper pleased about that, keeping my fingers crossed that they go full term and we get big fat juicy fruits. Ummm roasted squash.......

By the way, you can take that idea if you wish; growing the squashes under the corn. It was Andrew's genius that came up with that. It's a great use of space, well done Andrew x
Well that's all for now. I've burnt my blasted tongue with coffee and the phone is ringing too!
Later.....tongue better now thanks.
You know a good while back I did 'Focus on....' Fridays were I wrote about a plant in more detail. I may bring that back after reading this wee note on Wikipedia ~
The fruit of the sweet corn plant is the corn kernel, a type of fruit called a caryopsis. The ear is a collection of kernels on the cob. Because corn is a monocot, there is always an even number of rows of kernels. The ear is covered by tightly wrapped leaves called the husk. Silk is the name for the styles of the pistillate flowers, which emerge from the husk. The husk and silk are removed by hand, before boiling but not before roasting, in a process called husking or shucking.
Interesting, no?


  1. You are lucky Carrie to have Andrew around... assuming the role of baby maker ... and of course to babysit the plants as they learn how to grow, tending to their needs and keeping sickness/disease at bay!! .. You wrote about compost heap as man's castle once... and I am not too sure if compost heap is the only castle a man is proud of.. haha.

    Lovely corns and squash..


  2. Carrie, it's so good to see you so cheerful, long may it continue. x
    My sweetcorn is like yours absolutely HUGE and the silk tassels going brown. I tried the sticking your nail in to see if milky sap comes out and I'm sure it did so I picked a huge one this evening, but I should have left it a while longer as it wasn't quite ready, oh well ! soon, soon.
    I also have squashes growing under my sweetcorn, it's called 'The Three Sisters' planting method and has been used for centuries by the North American Indian women see the link for history it's very interesting.

    Your harvests sound good this year it's so great isn't it?

  3. I'm jealous of your sweetcorn mine is only just starting to look as if it might flower, but then I'll be eating mine when yours has all finished - maybe?
    I have courgettes growing under my corn and they are doing rather too well this year I'm off to trawl for more recipies apparantly Nigella has one for a cake with lime icing.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday.

  4. I wish I had room to grow corn as wonderful as yours. We don't have much room to grow them. We do have some great local farmer's markets that have the most delicious corn - sweet like sugar. Yum! -Jackie

  5. Hi Carrie

    It's Stephen Daye from Council. Radio Ulster will be broadcasting from 8pm at Eden Allotments for their programme 'Your place or mine'. They are looking allotment holders to arrive between 7.30 to 7.45 for live interviews. Could you and Andrew make it and pass the message on to others, if possible? I am in the house, managed to fall down the stairs on Monday, so resting my foot on bags of frozen peas at the moment! But will make it for Saturday, fighting fit or not. Many thanks. Stephen

  6. Bangchik - you're so cool and funny. Love you.

    Maureen - The three sisters method, should have known a great plan like that came from the mind of a woman (just not me, haha). Will read with interest, thanks.

    Oh allot of veg - I'll be so jealous when mine is all gone and you're still enjoying yours! Under planting is fab, courgettes is a great idea too, plus I've heard about that recipe and supposedly it's lovely- tell me how it goes.
    Thanks for good weather wishes

    Ellie May - I recommend you find room, somehow, maybe move the garden boundaries between you and your neighbours under the cover of darkness! Your own corn is heaven x

    Holy potato blight Stephen - I don't know about myself being there before 8!! Cripes...I pass the message on though ;)
    Get well soon

  7. My sweetcorn is almost ready too. I had a peek inside one of the cobs, I rekon about a week. Yum!

  8. My sweetcorn is nowhere near as ready as yours, I can't wait.

    I'm doing ok on the squash though. Well all but one plant. I shall have to be a babymaker like Andrew!

    Hope your special day at the allotments goes well, fingers crossed for lots of sun!

  9. Matron - only a week! oh, but it will drag by. I reckon we'll probably be the same, I can't wait, is that sad?!

    Mrs Glory - welcome to my humble blog. Funny what sweetcorn does to you, what if we could grow chocolate cake plants and they were sitting there looking at us nearly ready - I think it would be the same anxiety producing wait!! Keep those fingers crossed x

  10. Hi Carrie, I just could NOT stay away...and of course I will not forget you;-) We are friends, most definitely. I think I added your other blog to my blogroll, I'll have to add this one. I wish you'd develop that other one more's such a great idea!!

    You have some great looking squash there and some super ideas, as well! Very interesting stuff there about the corn, too...You are lucky, because we just got back from Maine, where the farmers have lost so much this year, due to unprecedented amounts of RAIN. The corn did not grow more than a foot or so this's just terribly sad for those who depend on it for their income!


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