Monday, 17 August 2009

Happy Birthday to me, 21 again!

I'm not staying on line for long today but I just read my good friend Bangchik's blog and he had found out about this cool photo manipulation site; it ages your photo by 100+ years. Of course I had to give it a go. So this is me and Andrew last night (after midnight so it was offically my birthday) having celebratory Cava. Ahh! I'm 30, have to go and lie down, the shock you see, just too much.....


  1. Happy Birthday Carrie. Have a great day: 30 is a great age to be - enjoy every day.

  2. A very happy birthday to you Carrie. I hope your day is a special one and that the year ahead is great too. 30 - ah, I remember it well..! Jane x

  3. Happy Birthday... and may you be happy always.

    To tell you the truth, you are just beautiful... color or black/white.... haha.

    Have a great day to both.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I was thirty - once...

  5. many happy returns Carrie. Don't worry about being 30 - I will celebrate my second 21st birthday on Wednesday !!!! What a very cool picture by the way, loving that. Michelle x

  6. Hi Carrie, what a sweet photo of you 2! If this is the photo of you guys at 130+ yrs (ha!), you look like you haven't aged a bit! (Just kidding, I'm assuming you didn't want to post the one where you've aged!). You look terrific. 30 is a very good year, and decade, as well! Happy Birthday!


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