Monday, 10 August 2009

Happy Birthday, little Blog

Today is Grow Our Own's Brithday. It is 1!! Big cheers all round.

I am utterly exhausted today after the super duper Allotment fun day on Saturday, the beach on Sunday and seeing my Dr. this morning. So I'm being a tease and leaving the start of all the story telling from Saturday until tomorrow. Fear not, there is loads to tell you all and of course the trusty camera was with me every step of the way.

For now, however I'm going to bask in the glory of my wee Blog still going and entering a new year. No cake but I'm going to have some celebratory melon and tonight's dinner is all lottie food ~ yum.


  1. Hi Carrie, I loved your last comment on my blog, and I agree with you whole-heartedly! You've got it right, girl! Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! Keep writing and sharing;-)

  2. Many Happy Returns to Carrie's Blog.
    Keep on, keeping on.

  3. Many happy returns on your blog's 1st birthday, Carrie! Hip hip hooray!
    It's a fantastic blog. Have a great lottie meal tonight - you deserve it. Well done and keep up the excellent work. I love this blog!

    Jane x

  4. This one year old blog really bites with your interesting thoughts .... Its a yum! overthere with melon, overhere with juicy papaya. Wuaallaa!! Happy Birthday from us ~Bangchik and Kakdah, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

  5. Happy Birthday!! I so happy that you take the time to share your allotment life with us - thank you SO much Carrie.

  6. Thank you guys, big cheery hugs to you all xx

  7. oppps, sorry I was signed in with a different ID,
    so happy birthday again :)

  8. Hip, Hip, Hurray!

    Happy birthday to you! And how about turning some of that lottie produce into a loverly cake? ;)


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