Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Only 1 more sleep...

Ah dear reader, I am off to France in the morning!! I am so looking forward to it; Brittany and Normandy. It's going to be so cool, me and the Hubby. Maggie isn't coming, she's going to stay with her Granny and I have a feeling she's also looking forward to her holidays (she gets more treats at her Granny's house than she does here ~ spoilt rotten, she is).

Anyhow, I think I will take my laptop but I can't decide. But hopefully I'll have access to a web service at some point and then I can tell you what's happening. Maybe even make you jealous with tales of fabulous weather and amazing wine.

We went to the Allotments last night and did 2 and half hours hard graft. I weeded everywhere I could, pulled out the yellow Californian Poppies 'golden values' which were looking worse for wear and had somewhat taken over, and dead headed until I Andrew had to force me to go home~ it was getting dark. I have no idea what he did, though he was working hard I am sure, I know he planted something but I was in my zone, I was feeling much better. Ecotherapy Rocks!
Here is a rather odd little collection of things that we took home. Goodness it really was dark, we didn't get to do any real harvesting, these are just things we picked up whilst working away. It's a little annoying that our sweetcorn and raspberries will be ripening to perfection when we're gone and god help anyone who pilfers one, I have them counted!!

Oh I am excited; holidays! And this time we have our own car so we can go exploring. I shall miss you desperately and will try to say "Bonjour" whilst away at least once. Wish me 'Bon Voyage!' xx


  1. Enjoy your trip and change, Carrie, both of you and Maggie too.

  2. Have a lovely holiday. I will miss your blogs. Hope the weeds don't grow too much for you while you are away.

  3. So glad to hear you Up and Away again!

  4. It's so good to get away, and I hope it will be a restful, but fun, break! See you when you get back;-)

  5. So - did you take the laptop? J'espere que les vacances sont amusantes!!!! (i.e. are you having fun?)

    Rosie x

  6. Hope you are having a wonderful break Carrie.


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