Wednesday, 2 September 2009

bonjour from brittany!

Having a wonderful time in Brittany - such fab food and wine; Looking forward to sharing lots of photos and stories. My laptop doesn't have internet here so difficult to keep in touch. French keyboards so annoying! Plus internet cafes expensive. Big hugs xxx


  1. Have a great time, and do come back with stories... should be a nice vacation-therapy!! ~bangchik

  2. Enjoy. It's raining in England.

  3. Ah - yes - les keyboards francaises - a law unto themselves. I'm dreading the day we have to switch to a frennch one - I mean who in the right mind would make a fullstop only accessible via the shift key?

    Hope it's drier in your bit of France than here - we are currently sporting a large hole in the roof so it is blowing a gale and raining!

    Rosie x


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