Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Take time to look beyond your own plot, please.

I am a supporter of the Prince's Rainforest Project, headed by our very own Prince Charles, or Charlie as I like to call him. I hope you too will join in, we are losing our Rainforests not only by the day but noticeably by the minute. They are not a finite resource, the wildlife they give home to, the CO2 they take in from our pollution, the people they house and the beauty and hope that they give to this world we are all slowly destroying is measurable. Please support the cause and think out side your own garden/plot today.

The website is very informative if somewhat shocking in the statistics that it provides. I for one know more about stupid celebrity gossip than I do about this. Shameful.

My SOS message:
'Please help save the rainforest and all it's inhabitants, needlessly being made extinct from the Earth we all the same right to share. Plus, this world, well, it's the only one we have and the only source of chocolate!'

Preaching over, hugs x Plus, sorry if I don't get to visit your blog today, my broadband connection is playing up (took 4 hours to be able to write this!)


  1. So frustrating when we can't access the internet ours was down all morning but I did get more gardening done.

    I quite agree we all need to do our bit.

  2. Most pollutions are as a result of very big business venture, and the same goes to the sufferings our rainforests has to endure.. Yes, as Joanne said, we have to do our bit...


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