Monday, 14 September 2009

So then, Brittany and Normandy...

I want to go back! I can't get back into this world again properly ~ writing isn't coming naturally and I only just realised I hadn't been on Blogger to tell you about my holidays yet. Usually I am straight on to the old laptop and letting those fingers dance across the keyboard. It's actually quite laboured today. It's maybe because I'm waiting for my dinner at the moment, haha!

The most obvious thing a tourist will notice upon arrival to France via Roscoff is the ease of which you are soon on your way and driving on the wrong side of the road without a second thought. The second thing is the multitude of fields full of artichokes or corn and trees galore. Really as far as the eye can see, it's agriculture on a fabulous scale.

this was a harvest display in a tiny cafe!

This becomes even greater when you dander into your 'local' village or even huge supermarket. Pride, that's what is it; as a people, the Bretons seem to have pride in their food. Everything is fresh and from close by and in season and when it's cooked (if it needs cooked) it doesn't even need extra flavouring. Dinner for me on the first night was good old steak and green beans ~ WOW, plus the salads are so sweet and fresh too. Don't get me started on crepes and gallettes - to die for!

This was Andrew's, it had banana in it so healthy, ha!
The only problem I have with France is the wine, it's so reasonably priced and tasty and you really do need some everyday. I fear if I had staid any longer I would have developed a habit! Even the cider is drinkable and from me that is a huge complement. Plus, as people there seem to drink a lot less milk than us Brits, they have a tendency to use UHT milk. I can taste the difference and HATE the stuff, so all my coffee was black and strong and oh, the caffeine highs and lows!

Normandy on the other hand seems to have more of a love affair with cream. Everything was creamy and cheesy and I am very sorry indeed, but often a bit much for me. Luckily we were staying in Gites (self-catering accommodation) and could cook for ourselves.

We staid in the middle of nowhere and dandering around little lanes and past many farms and very small villages we were happy to see a multitude of private veggie gardens. Even on the outskirts of major towns and cities there were Allotments! Joy. This garden and these lotties were in Dinan, I was on the famous and fab town walls when I 'eek-ed' out loud at the sight of them down below.

We travelled around a good bit and had the best time. Andrew was so relaxed and we just had the sound of cows, chickens and crickets at night with the occasional the 'thud' of an apple falling from a tree bough - HEAVEN.

I whole heartedly urge you to give the North of France a visit. Plus VP, the municipal planting is awe inspiring, really.

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