Friday, 11 September 2009

Like a Bull in a china shop

So, home again and the first visit to the lottie tonight. Andrew proved his undying love by going last night as soon as we got home (I fear I don't love it as much as sleep...)! It really is a sight to behold and not in a good way; I think the whole weekend is going to be one massive clear out, weeds to kick off with, then all the millions of plants that have had it and the grass, my god, the grass. Northern Ireland had terrible weather whilst we were away with rain and terrible wind but it didn't stop the blasted weeds and grass from going mental.

I didn't even take a photo tonight because, well it looked AWFUL. But after the work starts tomorrow I am sure I'll feel better. I love ripping stuff out and thinking ahead to the new season - bulbs to be bought for a start. Yipppeee!

So instead, tonight I am working on my holiday photos and drinking even more wine ~ I think the French way of life has left its mark. Unfortunatley I am also wearing a big fleecy sweatshirt and have my blanket - the weather didn't come home with us.

Big thanks for the comments whilst I was away, lovely to know people care. I'll get some photos up from France soon and tell a tale or two. But for now Gardener's World is on and I suppose I really ought to be learning something........Promise I'll catch up on everyone elses blogs, just give me a minute or 100! x


  1. Vacations do have influence on us for days or weeks. You had briefly mentioned about drinking, I hope Andrew wont be carried away, to start constructing Eiffel Tower look trellis ... ~ bangchik

  2. Have to say Bangchik you aren't far wrong. I'll have photos of Andrew and all our wine bottles down at the lottie later...

  3. I went out this week and just cleared up weeds and dead stuff. Filled 5 compost bags and it still looked like I hadn't been there! Still, it was a bright sunny day and I need lots of sunlight!


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