Monday, 21 September 2009

Real Green Heroes, on our Lotties!!!

I give the blog over to those who work on plot A1. I have mentioned them before, you remember, I was so excited to find out on the open day who they were. See here. Well listen to this!.....

If you don't remember (shame on you!) the Plot is owned by the Conservation Volunteers and consists of volunteers from 2 charities; Mindwise and the Drug and Rehabilitation Center. They work down at the plot every Wednesday and learn all about growing tasty, organic fruit and vegetables ~ as well as having a good time, they're getting gentle exercise and ecotherapy and they get to take produce home. What's not to love?

Well, the hard and valuable work they do has not gone unnoticed I am very pleased to say. Drum roll please.....They have been awarded the 'BTCV Project of the Year' in the Green Heroes Awards! Congratulations to them and may they realise just how bloomin' brilliant they are.

The Green Heroes Awards was new to me and luckily Maria (from Conservation Volunteers)explained that they are given out 'in recognition of outstanding work volunteers of all ages do across Northern Ireland to improve their local environment'. That means there were other projects from all over the country involved in this and our group won!!

On top of that the group also won an award for their Brussel Sprouts at the Gourmet Garden Competition and not any old award but, yet again, 1st prize! We have real bonified regional champs in the camp guys.
I should point out that A1 expressed it's gratitude to the N. Ireland Social Care Trust and Carrickfergus Borough Council for their valued support. Long may it continue.
Congrats again.


  1. Great, congratulations. Excellent effort will never go unnoticed Carrie... ~bangchik

  2. I certainly like to think so! Cheers Bangchik x


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