Saturday, 19 September 2009

You, yes I'm talking to you

This week has been a terrible week for depression and anxiety for me. I mean really bad, quite serious. But everyday when Andrew came home from work we put dinner off for a while and went straight down to the lottie. I swear, and I know that I both lambast and wax lyrical about Ecotherapy depending on the day, I felt better every single evening after spending time on the plots. Simple weeding and tidying up, ripping out old plants and thinking of the future, talking to friends and standing by my cozy wood stove - I FELT BETTER.

Okay, the depression and anxiety returned later on in the evening etc but for that time on my little piece of Eden with Andrew and Maggie I was okay. I was numb and completely involved in the task at hand and taking photos. I know 'numb' isn't perfect but believe me, it's better than sitting on the sofa hiding from the world and better than wanting to cut yourself.

Ecotherapy is a therapy and as such there are days when you hate it, days when it touches a nerve and makes you mad or so unhappy, but then those days when it sends you to a quiet, peaceful place in your mind - well, that makes up for everything.

Please, I know I go on about it but try it out for yourself, tell your friends, experience the wisdom and the empathy of plants and nature in general. I urge you with all my being, every breath.

Love C xx

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  1. Instead of numb, try autopilot. Or going into a meditative space? I think lots of us garden like that. I know I do. Make it all go away, and it does when you are working in the garden.


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