Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The estate agent

We're waiting for the estate agent to arrive to give the house a good looking over and tell us if it's sellable! To tell the truth I'm a little nervous, who knows how much we will get for it?, what sort of mortage will the bank give us? oh it's a mine field out there. One good thing is that we got rid of all the wine bottles that were sitting about from the different birthday parties and our holidays and Andrew used them very creatively in the lottie. We always miss the recycling day - we aren't addicted to wine

Oh, sorry. Here is Andrew's art piece, beautiful, recycled and functional. We just have the other side of the path to do now, darn it, I guess that means more wine then. All for art's sake.

Please also notice our new path between the 'grave' and the raspberry bed. Very proud of that.
Have you noticed that it's hard to keep a clean and tidy house when you're an Allotmenteer? We seem to have bags and dirty work shoes and magazines and seeds etc everywhere. At least this 'agent' isn't coming to look at the house in early spring. We also have a full on nursery going in every window sill and a potting up bench in the dining room. Or would that add value to the house in these eco times?
So, the prospect of a new house and garden looms on the horizon. I'm trying to be very cool and collected about it but what if the market stays in this rut and we're here FOREVER. On the other hand - yippee!! a whole new house to paint and decorate and a new garden to start and make wonderful with all the new knowledge we have. I have some ideas, god only knows, Andrew probably has hundreds of possible gardens in his head.

Well, while we wait, let's pretend there is some muzak in the background as I tell you about some of the fab work I've been doing at the Lotties.
When we got home I told you it was a terrible sight, I didn't show you a photo then but I will now. This is the before...

Now I have ripped out all the sweet peas, runner beans, climbing french beans and dwarf french beans and loads of dead leaves from the brassicas. Andrew cut the grass and made his bottle wall. Having that first bed empty is a little sad as it yells "autumn!" at me, but at the same time we did buy loads of daffodils and tulip bulbs at the weekend so hope and bright colours are just around that dark wintery corner.

Here she is.......


  1. Having an allotment is good in a way. We can change life and mood patterns by commuting from house to allotment and back. Gardening, our way is different, life and mood changes too frequent within the day and after a while become blended!!... Good Luck to your wish of a new home and garden!! ~bangchik and kakdah.

  2. Good luck with the agent, I wouldn't even want to think about selling at the moment - far too scary!

    Although someone across from us sold theirs within a week... So it does give me some hope!

    No more sweet peas! so sad, ours are still going with a vase being filled every couple of days :)


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