Thursday, 24 September 2009

An award? for me!!?!

I have been given a award, yes, little old me. This came from allotofveg, whose blog I read regularly and who I am glad to say won it herself and then passed it along to me, like a 'you are a good read' chain award.

I think I am supposed to write 10 things about myself and then pass it on to some people I think deserve it. So, if you will allow me to be so self indulgent I shall do just that. Incidentally I have no idea where this originally started but thank you to whoever made it up and allowed us 'winners' to be both praised by others and be completely egoistical within the one bloggette.

I shall be passing it along to Joy at GardenJoy4Me and VP at vegplotting, both 'great reads'.... Quite frankly I would pass it on to everyone on my blog roll if I didn't think that sort of went against the idea. Love to all my fellow bloggers, you're all winners in my eyes x

1 ~ I like instructions, rules to follow to the letter. That way I know where I am and where I have to go. (Shame on you Jessica for not proving detailed instructions about this award process. Are you sure I just have to write 10 random facts about myself?)

2 ~ Apart from working on my Lottie and thus getting to write about it here, my other great passion is for taking photographs. These things combined make for a happy girl. Now I just have to find a way to become filthy rich whilst doing them.

3 ~ I wish to become filthy rich as I like travelling and want/need to see more of the world. To go on holiday is like packing up your clothes etc and just leaving behind all the crap in your life at home in the wardrobe. Unfortunately it is still there when you get back but for those glorious days away you are free! Yes, the depression and anxiety do come along and somehow pass through customs unnoticed but for some reason you can kick them in the butt and make more of an impact on them when in a sunnier climate.

4 ~ I LOVE MY HUSBAND Andrew, he is lovely.

5 ~ I'd be lost without my little dog Maggie. We adopted her some years ago from a dog pound (horrid places) and I knew she was 'the one' just by the glimpse of her nose that I got before we got into the kennels properly. Love at first sight for me, though her hair was so overgrown and matted I don't think she could see, poor baby. I hope she's happy with us.

6 ~ Like most people I never got to know my idols, my paternal grandparents. My papa had a stroke when I was a young teenager and was gone in soul for a long time before he eventually died. My most cherished childhood memory is of him and I would love for him to have met my husband; I think they are alike. His back garden was an allotment. My Nana fought Cancer gallantly and was forever the lady. I was only beginning to know her as a person (not just as my nana) when she was taken, too soon. I think of them everyday and the pain of their absence never seems to ease. I guess that is love for you.

7 ~ I have permanent double vision! A real pain in the ass but I have to live with it. Yes, I see 2 of everything and one of those images moves around all the time - tiring to say the least. Also another reason why I love photography - you only need one eye to take a picture.

8 ~ My favourite vegetable to grow on the plot is the green bean - very prolific and very tasty. They just seem to want to grow and make the plot look so abundant and like I know what I'm doing, with wigwams and all. Plus, if I had to eat one veg every single day forever more I could do worse (my real favourite is Sweetcorn which is also very impressive looking to grow on the plot. I have 2 favourites) and I had loads of them in Brittany recently with steak -yummy!!

9 ~ My favourite fruit to grow on the Lottie is the Raspberry, just because they are GORGEOUS and you seem to get a nice steady crop of them, a few more everyday, rather than a glut. I love raspberries. Berries in general are a wonderful gift from mother nature and should only be eaten in season if you ask me, which I know you didn't but I'm telling you anyway. A ripe berry plucked from the plant, warm with the sunshine, popped in the mouth - joy incarnate.

10 ~ Lastly ECOTHERAPY ROCKS! That is a fact and you can take it to the bank (if you trust banks, which I don't).

Thank you for reading this, if you did in fact make it the whole way through. Happy Thursday to you all x


  1. I read all the items. But I have to say this, item no 4 is the shortest. I really can't make any assumption. Its either things to write about item 4 can go page after page, definitely very awkward to write or you rather keep the best to yourself. Either way, I know Andrew is a real treasure!!!

    Have Fun...

  2. Hi Carrie - glad you enjoyed it - sorry to bring a moment of my chaos into your order!

  3. Awwwww Carrie thank you :D

    Whizzed over here straight away to have a quick look, but I'm not taking much in after my drive back today. So I'll give your post and what I need to do next much better attention tomorrow.

  4. Carrie - it is always lovely to know more about the "blogger" behind the blog - so I have enjoyed finding out a little bit more about you.


  5. Lovely answers Carrie and I am glad you have the award. This one is fun as it's nice to have some insight into other bloggers lives and thoughts.

  6. So glad you are having a bubbling over day today. Like you, I missed my grandparents. I never met any of them.


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