Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Great Day

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes xxx
My Birthday centred around the lottie! At 2pm Andrew picked me up and we went to the gardens, I noticed my Mother in law's car there and thought ah ha, something is up! I wasn't wrong, there was a super duper little tea party awaiting me. And this fabulous sign that my darling Hubby made all by himself (I love it, I have it here, no idea what I 'm going to do with it..)

I was jumped out at by my niece and Mamma G singing 'Happy Birthday' and wielding party poppers! There were other people down there working a way quietly but we were the rowdy, giggling kids for that afternoon. After opening gorgeous pressies,(one of which was from my little grand nephew for the lottie - a glow in the dark butterfly!) we had sandwiches and loads of cake. Brilliant. Then I got the bumps!!!!! Austin and Pauline came over from next door and Andrew and Austin managed to give me 5 bumps - scary but I couldn't stop laughing.

What a fab time and all a surprise.

Later after dinner out we went back, all of us from earlier and my sister in law and grand nephew, Robert. He dug up some potatoes, so much fun to do with a kid I heartily recommend it. Plus I got 2 more presents! Meta had made some gorgeous Strawberry jam (so good I think I'll hide it from Andrew...) and Bill had made a wood stove for us. Well had I not been laughing so much I think I would have cried a river right there and then.

Of course the family had to go on their merry way but we stayed in A24a and lit our burner. Fire - it is so comforting, do you end up in your own world just staring into the flames? It's like meditation. We stayed until it began to rain and was really rather dark, unfortunately Meta and Bill couldn't come over for cake and tea with us so that was the only sad thing about it.

Allotments rock; a fabulous surprise tea party, presents and laughing with friends in the sunshine. Oh, I love it!
Tomorrow I promise to write up some of the other fab things other plot holders have been up to!


  1. Wow that's my kind of day. glad you had some fab people to celebrate with and took some great photos so your virtual friends could be there too - at least in spirit. Here's to the next milestone...

  2. Carrie wishing you a belated very happy Birthday wish. I tried to leave one on your last post but google seemed to have a problem it wouldn't let me onto your blog and then when I gave up and tried to go back to my blog, it wouldn't let me on there either, so I went to bed in a huff.
    I was thinking of you on the day and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. xx


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