Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Family Fun Day ~ part 2

So were did we get too.... Ah yes the Allotment Holders Stalls and kids education.
As well as that the Council had it's own tent containing the Beekeepers of Northern Ireland for one thing. Quite exciting really, there is talk of some beehives being put into a field close by to us, I do hope they go ahead with it, it would be great for the pollination of all our fruit and vegetables. Plus if you eat local honey, your hayfever symptoms are supposed to lessen. I really wanted to buy some of the honey they'd brought with them, but I'd no money! Can you believe it, I came only with the float for the stall and nothing for me!

As well as that there were a few stalls and face painting, a jazz band, a bouncy castle (damned unfair that adults aren't allowed on them), the fire brigade and wait for it.....a petting farm!

Good grief I could have stayed with all the animals all day but instead I had to make do with 5 mins here and 5 there to get some photos and then get back to the stalls. What cutie pies there were; pigs, goats, sheep, calves, miniature ponies, rabbits, donkeys and chickens. It was fab and the kids (and big kids) were so happy to get close to them. I made a friend of one of the lovely cow calves ~ it was hiding it's head under my arm and getting sleepy when I tickled it behind the ears. Sweet.

The Council held a scarecrow competition too. The entries were great and I just caught this boy as he ran screaming with his friends to theirs, jumping up and down because they won! Little Weed was 2nd and Cecil's grandchildren's one, called Stanley, was 3rd (our next door lottie neighbours). They're getting a prize in the post, no idea what but I'll find out.

Only 1 more part to go and I think I will get Andrew to say a few words on how he felt the day went. Oh, check out even more photos here, taken by Stephen.
P.S This morning I harvested a handful of my own blueberries from the back garden. There has been a war going on between me and a lady blackbird over the past weeks, b*tch. Well today, victory was mine!!!!! Victory tasted good too.


  1. Hi Carrie!

    Thank you so much for blogging about the Fun Day and for posting the photos and link to the website. It looks like everyone had SO much fun and there appears to be a very special (dare I say it?) healing atmosphere about the place.

    Yum, blueberries! I can almost taste them from here and I am VERY jealous. I want to grow my own next year!!

    Started to feel down again just before lunch and after reading this, well, you have put a smile back on my face and in my heart. Thank you Carrie.

    Take care and good luck with your blueberry war!

    Jane x

  2. p.s. Awww, the baby goat!!! I want one!!!

  3. What a fun show. Interesting post and great you beat the blackbird to the Blueberries. I have been away for a couple of weeks so missed so many posts.

  4. Hi Carrie,
    It's great to read about the Fun Day. I'm glad it was so successful and obviously enjoyed by everyone involved. Well done for organising it.
    Michelle x

  5. Jane - so glad I was able to cheer you up a bit. I too would like a baby goat, maybe we could get together and hatch a plan...?

    Joanne - Ha ha, I beat that distardly bird this morning again!!!!

    Chellebab - I'm proud of us, I have to say. There are talkers and there are doers, we fall into the latter thank goodness. Some people did nothing to help and really is put a sour taste to the whole thing. But yep, we are pleased with it all.

    Note to all - WHY WEREN'T YOU THERE???!!!!X

  6. Carrie - yup, let's hatch that plan and get that baby goat!!!


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