Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Garden Society's Competition Day (Alloment entries this year!)

The Carrickfergus Garden Society's 52nd Flower Show was held on 15th August 2009. Andrew and I just happened to be in the town center and though we personally didn't exhibit anything, we were very interested in the competition and wanted to support those from the Lotties with their entries. We dandered around to the War Memorial Hall and although early (the judges were still doing their thing) we were warmly welcomed by Myrtle (yep, she of the lotties and last years chairwoman) who is also on the committee for the Garden society. It was like getting press passes (okay it's only a flower show in Carrick, not a big international musical festival, but it still felt good) and we had free coffee! A couple of other friendly faces were there too - Ivan and Phil, who were stewards for the day.

Ivan, Andrew, Phil and Myrtle
Anyway, as soon as the judges left the hall Andrew and I were in. Straight over to the Veggie section and snap, snap, I took my photos. It was fabulous, such old town charm to see people displaying their flowers and veggies, jams and cakes. We spotted a good number of Eden lottie people's names and lo and behold lots of those same names had won prizes!! I was so proud. Ronnie, Myrtle, Mary and Godfrey were just some I noticed - Congratulations to them.

Look at the cups! Who wouldn't want one of those.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay long as our car parking ticket was running out but boy was I impressed by my 1st ever show. Plus, even though I say it myself, a lot of our own lottie produce could have won a prize too had we been bothered to enter. We generally just eat everything!

Parsley plants looking like Bonsai trees

I leave you with a couple of non-veggie entries..


  1. Don't forget to enter Emma T's Emsworth Village Show. Much less scary to do it all virtually!
    Details here

  2. Oh, that does sound fun off to check it out. Thank you!

  3. That would be so much fun! Your allotment is beautiful! You guys take your allotments very seriously over there! Most of the community plots I've seen here are started, then left for dead. The allotments over there seem like nice close communities - that's so great!


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