Monday, 28 February 2011

Another Onslaught on Gault Allotment Glory ~14b

This time it's A14b and to be honest there is very little glory but if I was honest in all my titles would you really ever read them? ha - I know you too well.

So here is the reality of our second baby - there is a lot to do but I am not one to bulk at hard work (or at the very least, not scared of photographing other people doing said hard work). Well here we go....

The weeds aren't ours, honest I am taking this from the neighbouring plot :) Oh so much to do, turnips have been left to go massive and everything else just needs chucked in the compost and given a darn good digging over.
 See, here is Andrew doing just that; though I started off all the work in that bed - you know, in the same vane as loosening the top of the jar ;) The other large bed was once the joy filled squash bed - it will be again and those cold frames and the mini greenhouse will so be full with babies!!! It will, I must keep telling myself.

 Look, see loads of garlic - doing super well, though if you remember the garlic we thought had died, didn't so, ummmm....not so sure where we'll plant all this - lucky we like the stuff! And here is the unforced rhubarb looking gorgeous and getting to be a good size. We ate the forced stuff last night cooked down with some stem ginger and whipped up with cold cream - delicious!!!

Lastly, here is the last chilli that got away from us - but to be honest I thought it was so beautiful with all those shades of orange and red into black that I wasn't upset to see it at all. I may even give this photo a wee tweek and see if it's nice enough for my shop.....

I have some more photos of other peoples' plots but I'm not feeling so good these days so forgive me if it takes a wee while for them to be posted.

PLUS - another wall has been built in the back garden and a new plant was brought home today and put in place - it's a wee be green and cherry blossom-y out there = *big grins*


  1. Cherry blossom coming? That will be a delight, can't wait ...

  2. We still have loads of garlic left from last year so will be a bit more restrained in planting this year!

  3. Your turnips sound like our last crop of beets. Glad the garlic is doing well, ours is running amok this year too, not that I'm complaining. Your rhubarb looks fabulous. I haven't grown it successfully since I left England, but I planted some this winter, and so far it's growing! I just want enough for strawberry-rhubarb crumble...I miss those :(

  4. Looks pretty good to me Carrie, hope it all goes to plan.

  5. Carrie,

    You sound so excited. It must be nice to get back out to gardening and growing those veggies.

    You have so much growing all around you. That's nice.

    I also love the do keep them coming:~)

  6. Oooo! can't wait to see the blossoms and the cherries, visions of pretty are dancing in my head.

  7. Love that chilli picture, we had a few that got left behind from the last harvest too but none had turned quite so pretty as yours. :)

  8. Sorry you are not feeling so good. Looks like a great plot to have taken on with all those raised beds. Hope the garlic appreciates it.

  9. the beds are all our own work!

  10. Oh there is so much potential at your fngertips.

    My garlic is currently under water, due to all the snow mending and the recent rain. That can't be good, but we shall see...


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