Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A little tiny fire in my belly - UPDATED (cause I love you)

Andrew just handed me the current issue of Gardeners' World and an odd thing happened. I felt a little underwhelmed and uninterested but then I did the 1st flick - James was recommending the new plant we bought this weekend - Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) and Carol, my favourite Sweet Pea ever - 'Cupani' (though I haven't managed to get them this year). There are photographs of new seedlings and the news that Monty is back and the show is once again to be hosted with passion from a real garden. It actually seems like there is talk of a future, a real one, not made up for Friday night entrainment but real!, with bright happy days, good food growing and colour everywhere.

I didn't even want to see this much of today, I was ready to give up to allow myself to shrivel up in some dank and dreary corner but now I am again that seed. The humble little bit of nothing that just needs help, support and love and then wow! try to stop me growing :)
Though damn me if that isn't easier to write than to believe - honestly...I still feel really shitty :( really really shitty.

Nothing was done in the garden or the plots this weekend due to the terrible weather but as I say we bought a  Hamamelis × intermedia 'Diane' and it really does look like a party has happened on bare steams - there are pom-pom flowers galore in a delicious dark orange/red colour but James takes his description further and says his are 'part extravagantly coiffed sea anemone', I didn't see that but maybe that's due to the difference in variety (his is a 'Jelena') or then again I'm not quite as eloquent.....

We also brought some pots around from Mamma G's house so at least it looks a little more plant-y out there :)

I have the newest plan, just for you, cause I love ya. But my camera battery is dead at the moment so I guess you will have to just hang on...hehehe

 Our 'Diane', she is a fabulous mix of both the orange and the darkest red I am in love and quite frankly this plant makes me tingle
THE PLAN!!!!! - click to enlarge my lovelies xxx


  1. We'll be back tomorrow, if you are ...

  2. I've just bought a Witch Hazel for Cliff - it was so difficult to choose and we very very nearly bought 'Diane' as the colour was amazing! In the end we chose Hamamelis mollis beacause the scent was so lovely.

    May just have to buy a second one and get 'Diane' afterall!

    Hope you have a better day today.


  3. I've always wanted a Witch Hazel but, somehow, one has never come my way. I forsee a Valentine Trip to a garden centre...everybody else has one, wahh!
    I use Witch Hazel a lot, thanks to my mum, which (ha!)is why I've always wanted one.

    Chin up, chuck, come back and tell us your plan - eloquently, like you always do :) Mo

  4. Witch hazels are lovely plants but I'm afraid I'm not a fan of Monty - not that I liked the new format Gardeners World. I liked it best when it was filmed from Alan's garden. Berryfields was never a good option as the presenters didn't seem to connect with it at all. Maybe Monty will be better on home turf!

  5. I read this yesterday, emailed you as you know and then forgot to comment!
    Fingers crossed that Gardeners World will be worth watching again! Well I probably will anyway as I like Rachel! Flighty xx

  6. I love the fragrance of witch hazel but they just won't grow in my garden. I hope that Monty and the team will make more of an effort to present a decent gardening programme this time round.THE PLAN is lookin good.

  7. Carrie,

    I just came here from Meredith's site and she showed pictures of witch hazel. I've never seen the actual plant before so it was nice to see how pretty it is.

    Regarding your visualization...

    Be the waiting seed
    Be the happily growing seed
    Be the seed that's not a weed:~)

    Just a light touch of bad poetry to make your day better.

    I really do hope you will see the sun in your days soon. Just be patient with yourself. This will pass!

  8. Oh, Diane is lovely! I can't believe we both put up witch hazel pics on the same day.

    Great post, as always, Carrie. :) Just remember, even when you feel shitty, you're still growing and becoming. (I'm telling myself this, too.)

  9. Great plan Carrie and your witch hazel looks lovely. Fingers crossed GW will be good, I like Monty so am looking forward to seeing him back again.

  10. the "Diane" is amazing! So much color in this brown and gray time of year.
    You two are doing so much with such a small space. Inspiring, really.


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