Monday, 14 February 2011

Arm art and cement

Interesting weekend here in the Gault household. First off I got my now quite well known Cherry Blossom Tattoo added to. It now has pretty vine like swirls, leaves and the powerful word 'namaste' written beside it. Here it is in all it's glory. This is my biggest exclamation of self expression...
Then as I can't get it dirty or even wear gloves at the moment I wasn't able to labour intensively in the garden or allotment, in the cold and drizzle - how sad!! hahaha But my darling hubby (tis Valentine's Day after all) did work and he worked hard. Both here in the back garden and at the allotment - I am so proud of him and you shall see why...
Here was the back garden last weekend. Remember? I think we were all mightily impressed.
Well here it is now. Yes, before your eyes lays a raised bed, a bed which is now full to the very brim with the topsoil from trench digging in the garden, loads of the least stinky and therefore well rotted manure and 2 big bags of multipurpose compost. (The photo is from before tne compost addition, now it really is up to the brim) The beech hedgelings are sitting there just aching to get in, spread there roots and grow, grow, grow!! But we are keeping the bed covered for a while as the rain is a pain and the soil is very damp. But it's so fabulous!!!!
Andrew also dug and cemented the foundations of another bed. This one is directly outside the kitchen window and will have the beautiful Winter Flowering Cherry in it. Oh lordy, those buds are a-swelling, big and juicy - I simply cannot wait for the first bloom. They are one of Andrew's and my favourite trees - those blossoms on the bare branches just make me tingle and I find it an extremely potent symbol of new life, new hope, new beginnings (hence the tattoo I have).

We also had a good dander around the local nursery and have further solidified in our minds which plants we love and what shall go where. Even down to the pots and a special secret product that Andrew is working on but which I can't talk about - intrigue,'s all here :) !!!

Okay, as I haven't really done anything, I'm going to leave the work what was done at the Allotment for another day so you will hopefully come back and share that with me too.

May your day be filled with much love!! Oh and don't forget Maggie and I love you too xx


  1. Namaste Carrie. I almost paid my 4th visit to India last week but it was postponed at the last minute. I think Rach was pleased I didn't have to go. Tinged with disappointment for me at all the missed curry opportunities! The garden is looking good and coming on apace.

  2. happy valentine's day to the both of you - and what a sweet husband you have! and awesome tattoo!!

    oh and in response to your comment in my blog - yes we'll be together soon! well, not "soon" soon... but i'll be flying out to california to visit him at the end of march and then i'll be moving there in may, which will be the first time we've lived in the same state in 4 years! it's been a long time coming and i'm absolutely giddy that we've FINALLY got something figured out!

  3. Love the look of the new garden and look forward to seeing it planted up as for the tattoo - Ouch!

  4. Oh Damo - don't make me hate you, can't believe you have been 3 times already. I have a terrible allergy to onion so I doubt I'll ever go, hahaha xx

    Andrea - so happy that you will be together soon, I hope you will be extremely happy and live happily ever after. I love my hubby. *blush*
    Glad you like the tattoo!

    The Plotkeeper - stay tuned, I am obessed with recording the evolution so there will be many photos :)
    The tattoo didn't hurt (the secret is picking the right place)

  5. The garden is looking fantastic Carrie! Andrew is pretty good at this DIY stuff isn't he!
    I can't wait for your pleached beech hedge to get established!!
    You are on your own with the tattoo i'm afraid... far too painful in my opinion. I have been to Nepal twice now though and have a couple of good friends there, and Namaste is our greeting at the start of every email and conversation... thanks for reminding me of them for a second! :) A big smile to both of you!

  6. You can call me a wuss but no tattoos for me I won't even have my ears pierced!! It's always exciting watching a garden grow.

  7. I'm curious whether this post will attract the tattoo spam, we had a couple of weeks back? Brave woman, not for me ;~)

  8. Do you guys ever slow down? :) It's looking great.
    I've always fancied a tattoo but never could decide where, I'd want to be able to move it around ;) I know, I know...get a transfer!

  9. Carrie,

    What a beautiful tattoo. Something to always remind you of the beauty of life:~)

    I love how your garden grows:~) Building your own garden must be special because you pick out the plants you want to see every day and watch them bloom.

    I have two plants in my garden that are favorites: a Japanese Magnolia that I love because even in the coldest winter it still hold it's buds. They wait through the cold to bloom in the spring.

    The other plant is a Cherokee Rose. It had these giant thorns which will tear both skin and clothes, but it is magnificent when it blooms and the bees love it:~)

    Bloom bright today, my friend!

  10. Love the tattoo! i have two, but am too much of a wuss to get anymore lol

    the garden is looking good, im ashamed to say all we have done to ours is put up some bird feeders and plant the sweet pea.

  11. Namaste, I love the way your back garden oasis is coming together, it is going to be fabulous.

  12. Get down to that allotment girl! I need to see what you are doing there! How wonderful to have a husband like yours! I look forward to seeing your new garden grow!

  13. Simon - you've been to Nepal (i weep), so lucky! Wait until tomorrow and you shall see the hedges' 1st day a school photo (that's what I'm calling it).

    GAL - They aren't for everyone. But gardens are! :)

    Diana - no tattoo spammers, kind of disappointed now, hahaha

    Mo and Steve - I'm just good at writing blog posts that make Andrew and I look good, hahaha. Transfers!!! Darn it why didn't I think of that!!!

  14. Sara - Magnolia, I love it, we would love one in a pot in the garden. Mamma G has the best Magnolia in the world ever! Would love to see your garden, bet it's gorgeous!

    Tricia - bird feeders and sweet peas - are good to me! (shameful secret...I haven't planted my sweet peas yet - oooops)

    Plantaliscious - hey, thank you and welcome xxx


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