Thursday, 17 February 2011

Okay Okay.....

Right, we haven't been sitting on our hands (well Andrew hasn't, I sort of have after the tattoo experience - I can't get it dirty or wear gloves at the moment)!!!!

The allotment, has been looked at. I really did fear, it would be a 'I don't think we're in Kanas anymore' situation and that there would be ruby red slippers poking out from under the shed - the wind, oh lordy, the wind has been terrible. But no, our humble plots were not worse for the wear, in fact, nothing had moved. There is a theory in my mind that everything on our plots has sort of given up, allowed itself to become infected by our own lethargy and thus even the elements couldn't shift a thing over there - oh dear!

So, no camera and utterly freezing you will just have to take my word of it when I tell you what work we (and my that I mean Andrew) did last weekend.
  1. The plots were given a general tidy and rubbish put in the bin etc.
  2. A raised bed was dug over. Another neighbouring one will be done this weekend and they shall be the spud beds - yippppeeee! However there are lots of Leeks in the second neighbouring one so they need dug out with love first - I'll do that (I love harvesting)
  3. The Roses were pruned and all dead leaves were lifted as disease still lingers within them my friends - be vigilant!
  4. The Garlic was seen to be poking through!!! WHAT! Yes the garlic we thought had given up the ghost and thus we (again I mean Andrew) planted lots more are doing okay - again can I have a collective Hoorah!!? We shall have loads and loads of garlic again this year then - hahaha, take that Vampires!
  5. Lastly, the Raspberry canes were tidied up and tied in.
  6. The whole place was given a darn good looking at.
Don't believe me??? I shall over do it with the photographs this weekend and then you will be in no doubt. Watch out - next week this blog will just be a load of photos everyday and maybe a word here and there if you're lucky. Oh, apart from tomorrow, that is, when I shall reveal the planted beech hedglings - what??! did I hear you 'eeek!' with joy - I think I did ;)............


  1. If the whole garden is left abandoned..., compost heap ( a man castle) will thrive...

  2. Our garlic in thegreenhouse did the same thing nothing for ages and now it's racing skywards!

    We still hacve a string hung in the porch from last year's harvest so are well protected from the dark ones too!

  3. Oooooh... i must try and get my roses pruned too. I have been so obsessed with the vegetable garden i hadn't even given the flower gardens a thought... thanks for reminding me Carrie.
    I'm looking forward to some pictures next week!! Especially of your beech hedge! :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing the piccies :)
    Great post.Mo

  5. oh youse have been busy, my poor garden is sitting idle at the moment, college puts everything on hold, I so cant wait to get back into it!

    Although im not as productive as youse Im not a big eater of veg and hence its flowers I grow...



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