Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The lovelies

Please do note the button to the right and please vote for me in the Lovely awards. Oh golly - I'm 2nd in the Best Photography Blog section and I am so excited I could possibly pee my pants!!!
I haven't won anything since I was 6, at Eden Primary School's sports day where I won the potato and spoon race. Oh I still revel in that glorious day and can remember it so well!!!!
So please, all it takes is a click on the button and a click on the 'like' above my banner - you could make me very happy and it wouldn't cost you anything :)

Big angelic smiles xx


  1. Only if you tell me your Gingerbread secret ;)
    Only kidding, chick, you have our Vote. Mo

  2. Lol, the potato and spoon race! I think your due for another big win. Off to vote :)

  3. Mo - I have told you, it is pointless trying to get that secret ingredient ;) Thank you for voting though xx

    GAL - thank you!!

    AG - ahh the glory day of my life (apart from my wedding day of course, though I did have to share the limelight that day...)
    I should have kept that spud and spoon and had them bronzed :)

  4. that's so awesome! i voted for you :)

  5. Clickety click! Done. I was last in the 800m on school sports day and it's affected me ever since LOL. You are a winner, YAY!


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