Friday, 4 February 2011

Wind, Chitting and Butterflies

The winds are up, oh boys-a-dear and the builders on site are on top, the tippy top of the new apartments they've built, trying to work on the roof. Oh. My. Goodness. It is scary to see them way up there with the wind rattling around and all 4 of them haven't a safety harness amongst them, some have even taken their hard hats off - which I guess is understandable as I heard one of them blown off and crashing to the ground below (the hat, not the builder!!!!) I would take a photo but I'm not willing to jinx them, lots of insulating panels being moved about now and I have a strange feeling that my posting a photo it will equal having to phone for an ambulance. (I get 'feelings' a lot and they usually turn out to become true). So just imagine the horror and nervousness I am experiencing - or rather don't because its too horrible and nerve wrecking and I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable.

Right, talk some sense woman!

On the other side of the house on a very safe and unwindy windowsill are our spuds! Hoorah. We have chosen the delightful Maris Piper again this year as our main crop and are being adventurous with our 1st earlies, Sharp's Express. I have no idea what they are going to be like but I shall eat them no matter what, with the joy that only comes with growing one's own :) Generally I am not the biggest potato fan out there but I do so love, love, love the treasure hunt feel of harvesting them. Plus we are going to a Spud Festival in 2 weeks time and I know I'll become obessed (in a good, healthy way) with everything spud related after that :)

Here they are merrily chitting away in the spare room/everything-still-in-boxes-from-moving-house room. Tis a happy sight, I think you will agree.

You know we were at the Lottie all morning/afternoon on Sunday last. I took my camera, got one wobbly 'before' photo and then it died. Sad really I think it was just because it was so cold - in the house the battery read as two thirds charged. So, no evidence of what we did - sorry. But I swear we both worked hard and got beds cleared, dug over and mulched etc. I personally filled 2 whole wheelbarrows and a bucket, full of weeds, got a sore back, bruised knee and broke a nail -success!

And joy upon joy - tulips and daffodils were poking their sweet hope filled heads above ground. Spring IS around that corner, I got a glimpse :)

And so onto Butterflies. I have a  photo to enliven your day, through it isn't of a real butterfly but one I made. Let me explain, or rather please look at this link to explain
I did put up the picture and told you about this project back here:
but I am going to also put the button on the right hand side of this blog so hopefully you'll take a moment some day soon and check it out :)

Here is my humble effort which I need to now wrap up carefully and post to the 'Two Dresses' lady herself:

The main coloured paper bit is a photograph of mine called 'Fireworks' and was chosen as a representation of those little lives and the short lived joy and sparkle they had brought into the world.
The turquoise paper behind has the word 'butterfly' written on it around the edges in many different languages; those of the people who would have perished and of those who helped to save them.
The woolen (and now also beaded) tassel as the body was cut off my own cherished baby blanket and the ribbon flutters delicately just as a butterfly should.

I have tried to make this as personal and as fitting a tribute as I can but let's be honest how could you ever encapsulate the memory of even one single child's death in such a way?? Hopefully when there are thousands of them from all over the world all together, the art will speak......

Anyway I wish you a peaceful and happy weekend - hugs xxx


  1. Those builders wouldn't have stood a chance here - we haven't even been able to keep our bird tables upright!

  2. Don't worry about the broken nail..., it will grow, healthier!

  3. I am so glad you got to spend a whole day at the lottie. I know it must have been a pleasure. Buckets full of weeds and a broken nail -- no wonder you felt triumphant!

    The butterfly is deeply personal art, Carrie. You're right, no art could possibly compensate for even one child lost (uh-oh, tears in eyes now), but I'm moved by the project and so glad you decided to participate in it and spread the word to us. There is healing in expressing our collective loss as members of the community of human beings.

    If only we could get to the point where no child would ever be lost to the ravages of war or prejudice or poverty again...

  4. It's been a bit blowy here as well.
    You'll enjoy the potato day when you go.
    Enjoy the weekend! Flighty xx

  5. Enjoy the potato day, I loved the fact you could buy individual seed potatoes so you can have loads of different varieties.

  6. Great post as always, Carrie, but I'm focusing on your flutterby. It's beautiful, not only in appearance but in sentiment too. You have put a lot of yourself into it, and it shows. Well done.


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