Thursday, 24 February 2011

Huh?!!! *rolls eyes*

Okay so no collages as I have had to upgrade my blogger/google account (boo hiss) and it will take 24 hrs for it all to catch up. Apparently I like to write and post lots - is that so wrong?? Well I am £4 down so you better continue to love me or I shall have to demand that money back from Google and they are big and I am wee and I think they'd win. Money doesn't grow on trees, or bushes, or as tubers (believe me we have tried) so.....

Until tomorrow xxx

P.S. Did I mention I am up for an award for my photography blog?? You can help- see the post below xxxx


  1. Do you pay for using Blogger Carrie - I thought it was free?

  2. you get 1GB of space free and I have used mine up now. So I paid the princely sum of $5.75 for an extra 20GB! I put up a lot of photos in my 2 blogs :)

  3. Crikey Carrie - I have literally uploaded thousands of images and only used 60Mb. Do you optimise your images or load them as full size straight from your camera?

  4. Optimise my images??! What technie speak is this - I just fire them on from the camera :)
    Plus I had 2 other photography blogs and as well as Grow Our Own I have my Cherry Blossom Tattoo blog = millions of images.
    Though you sound does one optimise? xxxxx

  5. I have a couple of blogs and some websites too all with lots of images.

    I have Picasa 3 downloaded onto my computer. Its free from here I download my photos from my camera to that.

    You can then choose which photos you want to upload so leave out any that are not too good - in the options you can choose the size to upload - the smallest being for blogs and web pages.

    When uploading directly from your camera to the web into Picasa web albums each time you create a new album you can choose the size at which you want to upload the photos. On the upload window where you choose the album it has a box at the bottom right - upload settings which by default is set to largest size you could reset that to medium and see if it suits you.

    If you upload straight into blogger you may not realise that all your images go into Picasa webs where they are stored. IN dashboard view scroll down the page and under Tools and resources is Picasa web albums.

  6. thank you you sweet, sweet angel. Alway learning :) Now I know better, though I think I need a nap as all that did make sense but I have forgotten it already - so sleepy :) xxxxx


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