Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Developments in the back garden :)

Hoorah for Andrew! Today his bricking laying abilities were praised by the Site Foreman/owner of the company who is building this development - he was even offered a job, hahaha.

Here's the first bed to be built and it has a wee sticky-outy bit too, all will make sense later on ;) I am super proud and even choose to place myself within the new bed to see how it will feel for our bamboos: the verdict was 'very good indeed!'
We're getting more builders' blocks delivered today so Andrew shall be no doubt chomping at the bit to get the next areas started. We already have a list of plants to go into these non-existent beds and it's all getting a bit exciting. I reckon we'll soon be bringing round all our pots from Mamma G's house to make it more green out there and soon, my darlings we are going to have the makings of a lovely back garden. It the moment there isn't anything for me to do so I resorted to buying this at the nursery to make me feel better - I am such a big child ;)
Please do notice that we (I by that I really mean Andrew as my head is usually in the clouds to be honest) are always thinking of the birdies and have nuts, seeds, fat balls and water out there! Now we have 2 Great tits, 2 Blue tits, 2 Magpies, lots of Wrens and a Robin - happy days :)

P.S. I promise I will catch up on all your blogs - honest xxxx


  1. It's good to make a start Carrie - don't forget some nesting boxes so you can enjoy watching the birds raising their babies!

  2. How exiting and it'll be no time at all before it's all full of colour and greenery.
    Your winter whirligig makes me smile.
    There was you worrying about having no birds and now you've got me more than me! Flighty xx

  3. Hmmm, can I borrow Andrew? I need to build a brick base for my greenhouse - to cover up for the appallingly unlevel concrete foundations I put down ;>)

  4. Wow! That's coming on well!
    I'm intrigued to see what the sticky out bit is!
    It's all going to look great come summer time!

  5. GAL - hehe, you mean i should make another one! After last time haha (though it was used by some gorgeous blue tits..)

    Ah Flighty - you're a big kid at heart too. my whirlygig is fab and you can get them in blue (for boys) too ;) We're just lucky with the birds we're stealing the ones from nextdoor - they have a massive mature garden, it's lovely.

    Rob - you know i could start hiring him out.... i like this thought :) haha

    Simon - oh the sticky out bit, you shall see in time, have patience you must (best yoda impersonation there, but you couldn't hear but, bum)

  6. Hi Carrie, it must be exciting seeing your garden taking shape.
    I don't know if you know a lot about Bamboo ? I certainly didn't until next door grew it in their bed near my fence. I now have the invasive stuff growing all over my flower bed and that's come from under the fence. I can't get rid of it and keep having to pull it out,or it will become a forest like theirs, it's driving me mad. So be careful where you put it as it wont stay there in one place.

    I do have some in a big pot which is fine, it's like mint ! it has to be contained. A concrete base in your brick bed might do it. I hope you have more luck than me.

    I look forward to seeing the garden grow and you seated in your little area that Andrew is making for you. I hope you are well.
    M x

  7. there will be no bamboo in that bed (we're familiar with their wayward tendancies and ours shall be in pots), i need to bring carrie up to speed with latest planting plans... three words: pleached beech hedge.

  8. oh bother - Andy I'm sorry, I do sort of listen to all the ramblings to tell me about the garden plans but I can't remember all the details *bottom lip pout and eye lash fluttering*

  9. It will great when it all comes together and starts growing.... started working on my garden last year and now addicted! :) best of luck with it!


  10. This is GREAT, Carrie! And such a great Hubby you have! So sweet from you to care about the little birdies :)!!!!
    Best of luck!!!!!!!

  11. Blimey! It's all go at your place. I doubt I would have remembered planting plans with all that going on *and* a whirlygig to watch as well.
    It's great to see how you're progressing. Mo

  12. oh it is exciting - isn't it!! we just need some decent weather at the weekends. crossed fingers all round xx

  13. So exciting to see your garden dreams becoming reality! I know you will both enjoy the process enormously, and you deserve the joy of every green leaf and sprouting seed who will live with you and share your space.

    I *love* that bed. Classy. Andrew clearly has major skills.

    (Here, we cannot plant bamboo as it's severely invasive. There is a wood down the road from us that is slowly being destroyed by a forty-foot-high encroaching bamboo forest. Beautiful when the wind blows... makes me think of haikus... but maybe not recommended for back gardens. I have no idea how it grows in Ireland, though.)

  14. Hi Andy & Carrie,
    Andy so glad to hear that your bamboo will be in pots as there is nothing worse than best laid plans being taken over by an invasive plant of any kind, no matter how pretty or stunning.
    Apart from next doors bamboo I also have trouble with Geranium, the low ground cover kind. I planted it some years ago and it just took over and i'm still digging it up. It's fine if you have acres of garden, but not when you have nicely planned beds (well sort of planned !!) I'm a, love it, got to buy it ! now where the hell am I going to put it ! kinda gardener.
    Have fun making your lovely garden and I hope you will have many moments of pure joy working and sitting in it whan it's finished.

    M xxxxxx

  15. Fun, Fun, Fun! How exciting! Your Andrew is very talented and so are you.

    I know that you and Andrew will make it the prettiest new garden around, and now you have lots of new feathered friends to enjoy it with you too.


  16. you're so cute! and i can't WAIT to see your garden when it's all finished!!

  17. Meredith - you are just too lovely, thank you, we will certainly appreciate each little bit of growth and share it too xxx

    Vetsy - andrew is going to get a big head, hahaha but he is fabulous!! I'm a lucky girl xx

    Andrea - Me?? cute??! oh thank you x All in good time; i can't wait either but i keep telling myself this

  18. Carrie,

    We should ALL be big children at some point in our day. Children are the ones who see the magic...just like you can see exactly what your plant beds will look like in the garden.

    Enjoy the planting and be glad Andrew likes making the beds:~)

  19. Sara we are on the same wavelength - hoorah for being childish!

  20. Wow that looks great......I want a sticky out bit now too!

  21. How exciting to be building a garden from scratch! Don't forget to get started sowing seeds as soon as you can.

  22. Pleached beech hedge. I remember falling in love with a beech hedge near our flat in Aaarau. That wasn't even pleached, just a common or garden hedge. With delightful toothed leaves.


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