Thursday, 12 November 2009

Weeds - real and imaginary

The tap root of some metaphorical dandelion is firmly lodged in my brain. You know what it's like to get those damn blighters out of the soil, well every time I think I've got some of that out of my mind, I discover there was (naturally) a bit left behind. This means the whole plant is just going to come back, right? Well I'm, sitting here with the biggest tap root ever entwined in my brain matter and I think I may just go insane. I don't think I can ever beat this no matter how many tablets (weedkillers, to carry the theme) I shove in my mouth and no matter how much positive thinking I do. Who ever thought a weed away?? Unless you're a master Jedi I don't think you have and I wouldn't believe you if you said you had.

I spent the weekend at the lottie weeding. I like that, I like the fact that you can see where you've been and the joy of getting the bugger out and letting your veggies have more room and nutrients. I hate weeds. Okay, they're just plants in the wrong place but that's exactly the point, they're in the wrong place damn them. I especially hate dandelions, they are brutes to remove, but this weekend I had got in there early and managed to completely remove every last bit of nearly every last one. Can you believe pre-alloment, these were one of my favourites wild flowers! I loved blowing, or let's be honest, kicking the seed heads off the stem, now I wouldn't dare.

Weeding is like a mediation for me. I switch off and just lose myself in the clearing away of unwanted things. I adore a full bucket of compostable green waste and I love the cleared soil, so dark and contrasting against my vegetables. Now someone just tell me how to get rid of the one in my head!


  1. I think that all gardeners have a thing about weeding, although I won't say that we always enjoy it!
    Perhaps you should think of the one in your head as being in the right place and is really a beautiful flower! Flighty xx

  2. Bees love dandelions, so leave a few for them!

    'Tis very hard work to try to force a thought from one's mind. You may find it easier and more comfortable to replace it with a thought more pleasant and inspiring. A bit like planting a fast-growing cover crop to smother out the weeds. Easier than digging them up!

    Best wishes - Phil

  3. I don't mind weeding... I find it therapeutic. I love the pic you took! Great job with that.

  4. Fear not Phil, I leave the dandelions that are in the grass paths and there are many millions in the surrounding areas. I just don't like them in my raised beds! I love bees and wouldn't want to upset them. Hugs

    Weeding is therapeutic, I like it too xx

  5. I do hope you can weed out your head dandelion very soon - if not let it flower and marvel in it's beauty - or send it over here for the pigs to eat - they LOVE dandelions.

    Take care - Rosie x

  6. Carrie
    You know me, blasphemy to Pshychiatrists, but I believe most depressive illnesses will one day prove to have a pathogenic cause.
    Lyme a bacterial illness, like so many more can cause depression and psychosis but now they are researching XMRV retrovirus as a cause of ME/CFS of which many suferers have depressive illnesses.

    Yes hush my mouth but if I am not around to see this happen I will send my spirit back to cackle and chuckle and jump up and down saying I told you so.(Not to you personally but perhaps our HPA)

    But I do hope I am still around to see some outcomes over XMRV retro virus and also see the IDSA lyme Disease Guidelines topple, both would be an excellent start as they afect millions of people with chronic ill health.

    Meanwhile for you instead of all the nasty treatments we use on dandilions just enjoy the best bits like the flowers and the seeds.

    Your flowers are all the happy times spent with Andrew and on the allotment, your seeds are all the produce you and Andrew grow and enjoy.

    Hugs Joanne

  7. That's an awesome photo Carrie.

    Weeding is therapeutic for me too - I find it very relaxing.


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