Friday, 20 November 2009

Forgotten about :( sad....but thankful too

Today my hubby forgot about me. He was working in Carrickfergus Castle and was supposed to come and get me afterwards and let me hitch along side him up to Belfast. It's a beautiful (though chilly) autumn day and I wanted to take photographs of the Continental Market up for the Festive period in front of our amazing City Hall.

I rang him at 1.30pm, thinking 'oh I hope he finishes soon, I'm hungry and would love to share lunch with him'. He was in work, no not the Castle, work ie. the office, in Belfast. 'Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about you' (or words to those effect). Wow I thought, forgotten about, I shake my head in self pity, my own husband didn't remember to come get me.

So here I am in the middle of the afternoon with my darling sleepy Maggie snoring at my feet writing to you instead. The wind has picked up and I did see a few spots of rain so maybe I'm better off at home, at least that's what I'm telling myself - I've drawn the blinds as the sun is blinding me; perfect photo weather.

Anyhow, it has given me cause to think about Allotments and Blogs and the ever present joy they bring me. I am never lonely being a blogger, there is always a friend out there who has written a post I have yet to read. There are new friends always in the wings waiting to be seen. I thank you all for being there for me, yes, I am sure you often forget about me too, maybe you only visit once in a blue moon but I thank you for that. Being chronically depressed and acutely anxious this is my place of refuge from a world I can't usually face in person alone. Here I feel safe and I love to learn about you, your work and hear your comments.

This is Northern Ireland but I have become very aware that American Thanksgiving is just around the corner - I just want to thank you all for taking the time to read my humble ramblings, for making me feel I am not forgotten, for helping me feel that in some small way I might matter; I could be a little part of your day.

Thank you

(and Andrew, I forgive you xxxxx)


  1. Well what are we going to do with that fella? ;-) Some guys and gals to have one track minds and focus on one thing. I am sure he was busy and it happens.
    Keep the wind to your back and the sun on your head and have a wonderful weekend despite the forgetful fella.

  2. Thank you Carrie! Hey!.. the days get longer in just 4 weeks' time!! yay!

  3. Don't feel so bad... my hubby does stuff like that all the time when he is busy and focusing on something. He doesn't mean anything by it - it's just a "guy thing" - some men do have a one track mind. I look at this way, when he does stuff like I end up having more time to do things I love that he wouldn't enjoy - like shopping! (smile)

  4. Oh the poor darlin' has been feeling horrible about the whole incident. He took me out for tea and has just poured the wine. One track mind indeed, boys can really only think of one thing at a time, haha

    Hocking Hills - Welcome, I am adoring these new visitors, I'll be over to yours in a minute x

    Matron - 4 weeks, I could kiss you, thank you so much, honestly.

    Ellie Mae's Mum - I like your style, hubby forgets - you go shopping, perfect xxx

  5. Ah Bless, you know he didn't mean it, he always sounds adorable when you speak of him on your blog. I am glad you forgave him, but tell him I said a big bunch of flowers wouldn't go amiss !!! Have a lovely week-end Carrie. x

  6. I agree with you about allotments and blogging, as I'm sure that both bring joy to many people!
    Flighty xx


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