Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Last week my new dear friend Flighty was awarded this Honest Scrap Award and in turn he passed it on to all his 'lawn loungers' of which I am super proud to be one of. I love Flighty and his answers were fab so I suggest you dander over there and take a little peek. Oh, and the person who awarded him is also mentioned there and her blog, well, it is tasteful indeed!!
There are rules to this meme:
1 ~ Brag about the award - well, I am truly honoured to have received it and feel I am joining in with a happy crowd of wondrous bloggers around the world. To feel myself worthy of this is hard, (maybe I got in there by mistake!) but I take it and run with it - you aren't getting it back! Look at it, who wouldn't want that tin sign on there blog I ask you!? It is gloriousness incarnate.
2 ~ Give the name and link back to the blog of the blogger who gave it to you.
Click here to visit Flighty's Plot You'll like it.
3 ~ Choose a minimum of 7 blogs you find brilliant in content or design. (Only 7??!)
4 ~ Show their names and links and leave a comment telling them they too have won the award.
5 ~ List at least 10 honest things about yourself.
Humm, first off it says you can break the rules if you dare, Flighty broke them but I'm a bit scared. What will happen if you break them? Flighty hasn't written a bloggette since this, has he been kidnapped? Do you get your Internet connection cut off for being bad? I'm worried, so I shall play along oh mighty award gods.
Blogs I love? Well they're written down the side and I have about 3 more still to add. I find new ones all the time. Oh you know what, it says a minimum of 7 so I choose everyone on my list, I can't hurt any feelings and I do love them, they're all brill. Some have even received this award already.
So ten honest things about me:
1 I dye my hair - yes I've been greying since I was 18 and I don't like it!
2 I got my Swine Flu Jab today and it didn't hurt a bit. Brave girl that I am. The next few days are meant to worse though, eek!
3 I celebrated Halloween this year for the 1st time and I liked it! Apart from the concussion bit...
4 The four button on my laptop is very temperamental and you really have to whack it.
5 I do not like champagne, it seems to close my throat up and I can't swallow. The 'Champagne 'at my wedding was.... White Grape Shloer! Andrew still hasn't forgiven me for that.
6 My 1st dog was a Beddlington terrier called Scrap, honestly, he was Kennel club registered as that when we got him!My 2nd was a Cairn/Yorkie mix called Charlie and now we have the best dog/bitch in the world!.....Maggie the Mini Schnauzer!!!!
7 I love books, couldn't cope without them. Find Holocaust survival stories to be inspiring and they give me strength, I have many books on that subject. Though my favourite book is 'Rebecca' by Daphne De Maurier. At the minute I'm reading 'Catch 22' - fab.
8 I adore hand made things. Artisans' shops are wonderful places, potters, jewellers etc. Such talent. Oxfam is great for stuff like that too and it's Fairtrade.
9 I bought my Christmas Cards 2 weeks ago and almost starting writing them today, not because I love Christmas-time but the opposite, I can't wait for it to be over. Such hype!!
10 Like Flighty, I never wear a watch, wear glasses and haven't any tonsils (or adenoids).
11 (One for luck) I've never had a tooth out and I'm terrified of the dentists so I dread the day!


  1. Hello, and don't worry I've not been kidnapped! I just do two two regular posts every week, usually on Sunday and Thursday, and occasionally an extra one.
    Well done for accepting this, well deserved, award and many thanks for the several mentions, and kind words, in this terrific post.
    I especially like your '7' as I'm a lifelong book buff, and like you I don't think that I could cope without them. I like both the books that you mention, and have read them several times!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  2. 'Last night I dreamed of Manderley'? Blogging is eating into my reading time. So I have to sort me out. I used to devour a book a day.

  3. Congrats. By chance, since you were #7 on Carols blogroll, I decided to check out your blog. What a coin-key-kink. I got the Honest Scrap just a few weeks ago! I love your blog and am glad I hopped on. I'm off to research ecotherapy! Cheers!

  4. Flighty I so glad you're still here! Oh no evil has befallen you, hoorah! xx

    Elephant's Eye - I'm the same, it takes me ages to read a book now - terrible.

    Conscious Gardener - Welcome!!! Thank you for your visit, must go off now and learn 10 honest things about you ;) Please do research ecotherapy, my other blog Allotmentherapy has been used by mental health charities as an example of what it's all about. x


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