Thursday, 19 November 2009


This is a little embarrassing but as I have no shame I'm going to share it with you all anyway.
I am nesting. Yes the shed is being turned into a home from home. I have already laid a new floor (vinyl - easy to clean) from offcuts my niece gave me, painted the inside walls the same colour as my bedroom (cosy) and highlighted areas in white (to make it feel brighter). I'm going to make new curtains and get boxes in which to put things in (shoe boxes wrapped up in gift paper). Then I'm bringing in the outdoor storage bench, painting it and putting some old cushions and a cosy blanket on top.

Call me daft but I really need a comforting place to retreat to down there when the weather is too bad, I'm feeling panicky or I just need a wee moment to myself; politics on the plots is really getting me down these past few months - nothing but complaints, it isn't good for me to listen to such negativity all the time! Between us, Andrew and I have made a pact that we aren't going to moan anymore, it gets us nowhere but down. Plus I now excuse myself from all negative conversations down there - the lotties are meant to be my refuge and sanctuary, I have enough mental nastiness in my head already.

I am not the best at coping with winter, I'd definitely have SAD if I didn't have depression already, I need my Vitamin D!!! Though funnily Andrew and I were talking about our Autumn/ Winter veg and how we kind of prefer this time of year, more about that tomorrow maybe.

I leave you with a funny, naughty parsnip - Matron will probably like this. Every man's dream?

ooopps, the above pic is of a white carrot, silly me!


  1. My dad had a sofa in his allotment shed and a shelf with a barrel of homemade beer on it.

    He had lots of friends at the allotment and was either to be seen napping or chatting. Heaven knows where all his veg came from...

    Enjoy your shed!

  2. Good for you Carrie, no shame in that, it just makes sense. That's why I bought a bigger shed as I have a cosy painted chair with a cushion, and a small folding table and a little chest with my stove and a kettle. I have to confess to not having got around to putting up the curtains yet, but only because I like to see my neighbours through the window.

  3. A shed should most definitely be a home from home!
    I had a couple of carrots that looked like that! Flighty xx

  4. Sounds like the shed will be lovely! You'll have to post some pics.

  5. We found it worked well to take turns whining. If it isn't your day to whine, you cannot. The other person may whine or not, on his day.

    If nothing else, it cuts complaining in half. I think your shed a lovely idea. A retreat.

  6. Great picture! I'm so proud of you Carrie!

  7. Thank you all you lovely people! I no longer feel ashamed about my shed nesting, in fact I wonder now why I hadn't started earlier.

    NellJean - Welcome! I've just been off to see one of your blogs The Seed Scatterer and I love it, so thank you for dropping by.

    Matron - ;) naughty xx

  8. I've spent two weekends this fall fixing up my allotment cottage - scrubbed the floor, painted the walls, puttied the windows and just generally got things in order. Every time I go there it now feels like a home away from home. I can relate! In fact I'm thinking of getting a heater to attach to the propane gas I use for making coffee. Have you considered that?

  9. Oh Barbara the first thing that went into our brand new shed was a gas capming hob to make coffee on!! Haha Now we have a larger more stylish one ~ just as important as any spade or seed I feel.
    I think I may call my shed my lottie cottage now, glad I'm not mad xx


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