Saturday, 21 November 2009

National Blog Posting Month

What the heck have I done, I've joined this because VP spoke about it, it seemed like a good idea and now I'm realising that November is nearly over and I am a silly moo cow.

Anyway, now I am meant to post a blogette every day this month (or what's left of it). I'll have to start a little later as we have to get the house ready for a viewer - yipppeeee! Fingers crossed everyone, the estate agent said the couple were 'very keen', ohhhhhhh!!
In the mean time maybe you'd want to check out the NaBloPoMo site, it's got loads of bloggers of all different interests on it. You may find someone you really like.......
P.S. Weather here is terrible, dark, windy and raining very heavy - no way I'll be at the lottie today. Shopping is the name of the game this afternoon, speak to you later, hugs x


  1. You drive yourself hard Carrie A post a day for a month!

  2. I did that last year on my aviation blog, but I decided to have a rest this year! Flighty xx


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