Tuesday, 10 November 2009


It's raining again and although it's only 3pm, it's getting dark; this whole change of seasons lark is getting me down. So I have a confession (apart from the fact that I just ate 2 Tunnocks Tea Cakes in a row, one in a very unlady like fashion indeed!) that I need to get off my chest. I Carrie Gault am addicted to Farmville.

I guess you would possibly have to live in a cave in the middle of nowhere on the moon with your fingers in your ears, not to have at least heard about Facebook. Its that social networking site where you can talk to friends you haven't seen in a while, never seen, or can't be bothered to go and see. Photos are shared and people from your primary school years suddenly reappear and you try and pretend like no time has passed at all. It is an odd, yet wonderful place in the world of the web and I love it. I also love one of the games you can play there with your allotmenteering friends, this is Farmville.

Yes, a merry place where no matter the time of day or season you can grow fruit and vegetables until your little heart is content; the sun is always shining. None of the animals or trees die on this magical farm, no bugs or diseases attack your crops, it is truly glorious. Plus you don't get cold or dirty and you make cart loads of money (it isn't real, I know) to boot. The crops grow in 2 hours - 3 days depending on what you 'plant' and weeds are nowhere to be seen. In these crappy rainy dark days we are having it is a blessing to me, a bit like virtual Ecotherapy. And I have a load of friends doing it with me, we have a giggle, no politics or committee meetings, just rewards and gifts galore.

You now feel sorry for me don't you, you think I've finally cracked. Shaking your head and sighing you move on to the next blog and try not to think about me - its too painful... but later you shall think, 'uummmm virtual allotmenteering, well it is pitch dark outside after all...... Farmville was it?....'


  1. I know an almost 70 year old female relative of mine who is also addicted and I was impressed by her computing skills, so I thought leave her alone and she'll come home bringing her sheep behind her !!!!! seriously I haven't been tempted to try it yet ! even though the said relative tried to persude me.
    The day is dark, bleak and raining here and I am totally Pi***d off. I am glad you are coping with it. x

  2. I just got on Facebook recently and I'm staying away from Farmville - I'm already addicted to blogging so that's about all I can handle. It's gets dark really early here too - at 3:30 the sun starts setting and by 4:45 its black. *sigh* I keep dreaming of spring.

  3. Ahh.. Tunnocks teacakes! Happy memories. I have a soft spot for those squidgy Tunnocks snowballs!

  4. Well you do have do something to while away the time on dreary days like this.
    I spend mine sofa flying with a good book, tea and biscuits as I've not yet succumbed to Facebook/Farmville! Flighty xx

  5. Have fun all this blogging and facebook beats doing the housework

  6. Maureen - I AM NOT COPING!!! Hence the addiction. I have got up a notch in the depression and anxiety stakes, I haven't been sleeping, I have a constant headache and I feel like manure. Anyway good for your 70yr old relative - she rocks!

    Ellie Mae's Mum - I am sort of addicted to blogging too but recently my concentration sucks and I find it harder to get my words out. This weather just sucks out all my energy. I too dream of spring xx

    Matron - Ahh yes the Tunnocks tea cake - yummy! I don't think I remember eating a Tunnocks snowball, you see in N. Ireland we have a great sponge bun called a snowball with jam in the middle and coconut all round the outside - ssooooooo good.

    Flighty - Oh I love reading books, I am a book fiend, but my double vision has been playing up very badly the past few weeks and reading is HARD and therefore unenjoyable :( I've half way through Catch 22 and I love it. Wick

    Joanne - I find housework soul destroying and therefore I do only the minimum necessary ;) x

  7. No sleep? Horrors. I remember going thru a sort of manic stage for weeks of no sleep with that breast cancer. Spaced out feeling can be fun. But a night without sleep now, does my head in, as they say.

  8. The Tunnocks teacakes - we can forgive!

    Farmville - we cannot!

    It's taken me an age to ween myself away from Bejewlled Blitz, but finally am getting through it. I keep getting requests to join farmville, mafia wars and the like. I hate it. At least there are no pesky games on Twitter - not yet anyway!

    But if it makes you happy, go for it. Just remember if you play these games during daylight hours too, then you know you are hooked!

  9. Step away from Farmville! Can i also recommend not looking at Cafe World...
    Honest it is OS who does it - well maybe not the ones at 10pm but I can't let his things spoil can I...

  10. Elephant eye - not sleeping for nights at a time is hell!!! Our bodies are not made to cope with it at all. Hope your nights like that are few and far between xx

    Gary, Jen and Ruby - I am hooked, it is sad though to hope that my public delcaration will embarass me a little, maybe I can ween myself off. But I have been addicted to worse things so it isn't that bad really - please, forgive me!!

    Allot of Veg - Ahh, Cafe World, I'm afraid I am already a proud cafe owner. It is called Sakura (the Japanese for cherry blossom). I don't really like it though, I judt gave in to the pressure. Oh, spoilt food is heartbreaking!

    To All - Once I get my sleeping pattern back and the double vision calms down a little, I hereby promise to try not to play these games and interact with the real world more xxx

  11. Ok, you're forgiven.
    I just played bejewelled blitz again, and set a new high score of 307,900!!

    Maybe I'm still addicted ? !!


  12. Gary Jen and Ruby - have to say, my farmville and cafe world anticts haven't lessened *blush*


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