Saturday, 28 November 2009

Somebody tell me why!!

A garden center a little drive away from here is a great place to go on a very wet cold weekend day. We were looking for some nice pots for our bulbs which, as I wrote about yesterday, we found and at a good price too. We also had a lovely biscuit and coffee in their very large coffee shop, which was naughty but warming and gave us both the courage and caffeine buzz needed to go to the lottie.

Now I don't mind a garden center having a cafe, in fact 2 we would go to regularly have very good cafes with Taste of Ulster awards and everything. But something else about these places really gets up my nose and last Saturday it had me in a bit of a fluster...


Christmas, at the one we visited (not Sunnybank), had arrived in all it's terrible gaudy style. Dear god, what does Christmas and all the tat that goes with it have to do with gardening?? Really I ask you, apart from a real pine tree why would a garden center need to be the hub of all things Christmas in the universe?

I give you some evidence...See if you can spot anything remotely to do with plants and the caring of them in these photos. Really, a prize for anyone who can. I took twice as many as this but even looking at them makes me want to boke.

Entering into the Christmas lighting section; the overpowering smell of cinnamon

Yes a troupe of dancing, singing Santas and Christmas dinner for sale on the cafe
Maybe I'm a little biased as I don't really like the whole Christmas 'thing'. It all starts far to early and by the time the actual celebratory days arrive I'm generally completely over the whole thing. I'm also a born worrier and Christmas present buying stresses me out almost as much as receiving presents myself, what if I can't find the perfect gift for my loved ones and what if I don't like the gift they've got me! It's a mine field. Which quite frankly I do not need to face in November in one of the places we retreat to when stressed already!

Dear Santa,

I would like to have a nice Christmas; please stop the commercialism from eating away at my soul.

Love, Carrie

P.S. I have been a very good girl this year x


  1. I can only agree with what you say! It's the commercialism which makes me cringe, especially in places like this.
    I'm sure that you'll still have a nice time regardless, and since you been such a goodie you'll get lots of lovely presents! Flighty xx

  2. Carrie, I couldn't agree more, or have said it better. Having worked in a garden Centre for 2 years a while back,I can tell you that the Christmas stock came in during September. Then the whole garden centre had to be re-arranged for Christmas.
    For me the saddest part of Christmas is that we are bombarded with T.V and magazines that tell us we should have a Happy,gift filled Christmas surrounded by happy families, BUT what of the elderly, the poor and people that have no family of friends ? they are made to feel their plight even more so, and for what just a day of over indulging, over spending, and lining someone else's pocket. What happened to the real meaning of Christmas ???

    Phew glad I got that off my chest !!
    Having said all that I do enjoy the day, but not the gearing up to it.
    M xx

  3. Hi Carrie
    Get in touch with your inner child, spend time with those you love and if present buying stresses you out - don't do it!
    Have a good one

  4. How superbly written is that, we couldn't agree more. Let's hope that Santa is listening!

    A great read Carrie - as always!

    And thanks for adding our blog to your favourites list !


  5. The answer to all Christmas-present related stress .... Amazon wishlists. A bit boring and prosaic, and removes the surprise element, but it's practical, you know for sure you'll both get and give something wanted - it's great!!! Highly recommended! Lauran x

  6. Hi Carrie, I have an award on my blog for you, I hope you will accept it .M x

  7. I agree. I go really balistic when they put Christmas merchandise out before Halloween! I just got a little poem in an email this evening, talking about the Reason for the Season.

    I have just found your blog. I can't wait to explore it more.

  8. Hi Carrie, I couldn't agree with you more. I don't particularly like Christmas other than it means a few days off work for the Bedsock. I hate the commercialism which wouldn't be so bad if it was just for December. I actually complained at a Garden Centre about the fact that Santa's Grotto got put up in September but was told that their customers liked it.???!! I hate the fact you have to eat so much food in just a few days. The best Christmas was when my brother and I escaped from my parents and went to the pub and then for a curry on Christmas day.

  9. Flighty - I really have been a good girl, so fingers crossed I get at least one nice present, something sparkly would be the best but I can't hope for too much, haha. xx

    Maureen - you speak the words of truth. I hate this idea that we have to spend loads and be happy no matter what. For many people it is the saddest time of the year (me included) Thanks for the award too x

    Allot of Veg - I love your thinking! I have most of my pressies bought, did it slowly over the past couple of months - no rushing around for me this year.

    Gary, Jen and Ruby - I hope Santa reads this blog too. Hey, you'll see him way before me, could you remind him I've been very good this year! Hope you have a fab holiday xx

    Lauran - for me and andy Amazon is a life saver, we always make up wish lists of ourselves and get from that for eachother. Yes not that excited but no stress and we both get what we wanted.

    Janie - welcome to you I hope you find my blog a bit helpful. I try to be an open as possible but if you wish I don't mind receiving private e-mails. My address is up there xxx

    Arabella - My favourite christmas ever happened last year. We had christmas day dinner with Andrew's family. Then early next morning we drove off to a remote cottage in Fermanagh and hid away until the day after New Year. It was fabulous.


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