Monday, 30 November 2009

Just quickly - I know I'll forget

Another award, I blush. But this time it isn't all about me, me, me. Thank goodness I'm sure you could do without hearing more 'interesting' stuff about my life. No this award, passed on by Maureen and Gary (many thanks xx) gaves me a chance to big up 15 blogs I've come across recently and encourage you to give them a wee lookin' at.

The rules are super simple - post the award on your blog, (Done) along with the name of the person who gave it to you and a link to their blog (Done).

Pick your 15 newly discovered blogs you like and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they are winners! (Ummm....)

As usual I hate to pick out favourites; I have a blog roll for that. If you are reading this post and are on that roll over there to the right feel free to take this award in your hands and give a little acceptance speech. I tear would be good but try not to go overbroad (ie Hallie Berry at the Oscars). Much hugs and love. I'm off to weep quietly in a dark corner with this migraine.


  1. Hope your Migraine goes away soon.

    I was about to make this really swell speech of acceptance when I noticed that your blog was not on MY blogroll. (Blush) Unintentional; I have trouble paying attention to detail. So I'm not a Best Blogger, but I've fixed my Roll. There are others omitted, I can't figure out who they might be. There are so many they make me deezy, but I can't figure out any to delete. Well there is one who isn't active, but it's somebody I like to keep.

    There used to be an attorney in the county in which we lived who kept index cards of everybody ever called for the Jury. If you'd been in the courtroom before, he had notes on you as a potential juror, called you by name and asked about your children. I'd like to be like that, but I'm afraid I'm what my mother used to call 'harum scarum.'

  2. Congratulations on another well deserved award! I think that I may well take up your kind offer.
    I hope that you're feeling better today!
    Take care, Flighty. xx

  3. Migraine gone - hurrah! that was a nasty one 2 days. Only a mild headache now - party time!!
    Hugs to you both xx


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