Monday, 28 September 2009

You're part Daffodil

I learnt this weekend that we all share over a third of the same genes as a daffodil. I believe the correct percentage was 36. So that means inside each and everyone of us there lies the ability to be sunny, happy, bright and cheery joy givers. 'A host of golden thirds of human beings' doesn't sound that nice but you get the idea.

Let that 36% shine within you. Mine is a very dim light, not visible to the naked eye today but tomorrow maybe conditions will be better, the clouds will lift I too shall be more cheery.

Hugs x


  1. Now I can really break the ice at parties! "Did you know I am 36% daffodil?" - Excellent!

  2. Hope the daffodil in you comes out for you tomorrow

  3. Love to be associated with daffodil. Do you have brown daffodil instead of yellow?... brown light shining out of me, is more appropriate... haha.. Cheers, ~bangchik

  4. My daffodil is shinning brighter today. Can't wait for the next dinner party/awkward silence so I can declare my info again! x

  5. So cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Rosey But I always felt like a wallflower.

  6. Rosey - wallflowers are beautiful too, we probably share many genes with them . Plus you're rosey so you totally have millions of beautiful flowers within you, not just daffs! xx


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