Wednesday, 26 May 2010

my happy-go-lucky Saturday

It's not often I have a happy post that is all joy and merriment. So allow me please, the pleasure of basking in it's glory. Also, if you wish to feel jealous at any point, feel free (really, I hardly ever have a GOOD day), I don't mind at all ;)

Saturday was a good day (I have already mentioned this I know but it's so fab to write it), let me take you through it.....

First we saw around our new house! Ahhhh, we had  to wear hard hats but the fashion faux pas was worth it. We have walls and windows and a roof and some wooden struts pretending to be internal walls and pipes of all sizes, oh and a front door and patio doors out back... etc. It's also completely rendered on the outside and by now it should have it's staircase in. Oh joy of joys. The 'gardens' front and back are a little less inspiring and a bit on the teeny tiny side - BUT still big grins all round.

Then we had a trip to good old Maud's cafe (they do the most fantabulous ice cream ever, in the world, ever - though I don't like ice cream at all) for coffee and homemade scones - yummy. The cafe looks out over the Lough and it was heaven sitting there watching people go by and seeing the water sparkle and shimmer in the sun :)

A quick trip to Tesco (not really a highlight) for some BBQ provisions including Dandelion and Burdock fizzy pop (WOW, how come we never tasted this before??), and off to the Lottie.

It was spring clean weekend at the lotties and we managed to get rid of a lot of rubbish. It's amazing what you gather up over the months that have no value at all to anyone; yet there it sits. So that was great. I took photos galore (you can see a couple on my other blog) once the suncream had settled into my skin and let Andy do the stinky rubbish work, 3 barrow loads of it. Then we put a brushwood cover over our porch so as we had a shady place to retire to throughout the day (remember Andy is ginger - the sun is his enemy - like he were a vampire, haha) and had a drink.

The afternoon pasted with lots of weeding and photographing and chatting and playing with Maggie. It was the most lovely of days, the sky so full of big lumps of blue and as far as the eye could see, there was not a dark cloud to be found. I swear plants were visably growing in front of our eyes and (though ulitmately annoying when their babies eat try to eat my food) cabbage whites were fliting all over the place and the birds were singing so hard and beautifully it was as though Mr Lloyd-Webber were there and they might be 'discovered'. I also got to watch the bluebirds feeding their babies on our shed, due to the shadows cast on the ground.

I cleared the pumpkin patch of poppy seedlings (a whole bucket full, oops) and Andrew placed his dad's old stepladder in the middle for the squashes to grow up - should look cute. (He planted them later when I went home). Everything else around the plots was looking much happier, perkier and greener in this lovely heat and anyone who went by was smiling.

We invited Mamma G down for our little BBQ, which was lovely, sausages with red pepper in them and of course the freshest salad ever, straight from the beds. Then I went home to have a lie down, expecting to go to the party down at the plots later....I woke up the next morning instead, haha. Boy I could sleep for the UK in the Olympics ;) So I missed that, but I heard it was good craic and went on until the wee hours.

So there was a lovely day, a truly fab day. I don't get them often but what a blessing when they do visit me! Spread to love xxxx


  1. Ah Carrie bless you, it sounds such a good day and you deserve it. I am very jealous of your new house as I especially love the windows. The plot looks great and maggie is so super cute.
    I hope you have avoided the asparagus beetles.
    By the way I could be popping in to see you one day at the end of the summer !!! yes really ! as I plan to stay with a friend in Bangor (N.I.) and also visit my aunt and cousins in Holywood, so be on your look-out for me. ha ha. I may even plan to smuggle maggie back with me !!

  2. Ooh at last we see the new house! When can you hope to move in? Remember to get a tree planted soonest, so Andrew can enjoy the shade in your New Garden!

  3. What a really great day I hope that lovely warm glow last for a long time to come and you stay well and in good spirits.

    I love the house very exciting for you.

  4. Glad you had a lovely day! Hopefully summer will be kind so you can get good use out of that BBQ

  5. New house, ice cream, allotment trip and BBQ all in one day, I'm very jealous!! Looks like you had a great time.

  6. Super post, I'm really glad to read of you being so happy :)

  7. Glad that you had a great day - so what is the new garden like then?

  8. Hi Carrie - so lovely to read about your day...and see your house which is going to be gorgeous!

    Love your poppy photo and the photo of the two of you in hard hats looking so happy...

    You deserve lots more happy days - I'm wishing them your way -


  9. Carrie, what a joy to read of your fabulous day! I hope you get many, many more like this soon. The pic of you two in hard hats is adorable.

    I could feel the sunshine in your heart as I read. Give Maggie a cuddle for me. :)

  10. Carrie girl that was such a happy wonderful post ! I know you will have more of them .. so don't worry about what kind of posts you write girl : ) Love the hardhat look .. I think it is very COOL ! hehehe .. the house is looking much more homey and small gardens mean intensley wonderful gardens .. no distractions of filling larger spaces .. truly I mean that ! Things will come together in the most precious way : ) The happy train will be chugging along more often .. so hang in there girl !

  11. Wow it looks like things are really progressing! Can't wait til it's all done and you can settle in your brand new home together :)The house looks huge and had fab big windows - lots of the more modern houses round here have tiny ones for some dumb reason...

    Love the photos, how's the Patty's Plum poppy? Mine doesn't seem to be making any flowers just yet :(

  12. Love it! Great to catch up on what sounds like a wonderful day, Carrie. Just remember to refrain from associating Andrew Lloyd-Webber with anything even remotely approximating good music!



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