Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Like a Phoenix rising from the phlegm

Yes dear reader I have fought off that flu and now I am Carrie-the-unstoppable (though slightly sniffly) once more!! I am woman, hear me roar!! :)

I was even at the allotment this afternoon and even better than that, I liked it! My god, my hubby has been working so hard and I am so proud of him. He worrys about the plants far too much and thinks everything isn't growing as well as it should be BUT with my perspective (having not been there for a few weeks) I was able to say how it really is. And it is fabulous. Yes, the runner beans are a disaster but we have back ups which shall hastily replace the failures, apart from that I can't believe how great everything is doing.

We have loads of soft fruits coming, it's amazing! The summer raspberries have settlled in now, this being their second summer and they are happy :), the strawberries are the same, reproducing like rabbits, I've never seen the plants so perky and covered in white flowers. But the best things are the currants, wonderful thick tassles of redcurrants casading down and 3, yes 3 (so far) cherries!!!

I didn't have a camera with me so next time, expect lots of photos, I may even do a fancy collage. I haven't even mentioned all the perfect salad bars we have and beans and flowers and trees and potatoes! The seedlings in the coldframes, new wigwam and the 'tent wam' ( my name for it - you'll understand when you see it). Oh, I was super glad to see it all today.

Plus as Andy went over to collect some lettuce I sat with my eyes closed and listened to the many bird songs and smelt theat lovely 'green' smell, so strong, especially after me cutting a whole load of PSB. Nirvana? no probably not, with the motorcycles zooming by but Eden - yes, hahahaha.


  1. I think runner beans are like pancakes - the first few never seem to work properly. Very glad you're feeling better :) And the birdsong does seem particularly amazing just now.

  2. Glad you feel better, it all sounds very good and I look forward to seeing the photos.

  3. Carrie dear heart - that is The Most Disgusting and Gross Title ever! Excuse me while I puke ;-)

    Wish I could share your salad. Ours has yet to happen. Have the space, but no raised beds yet.

  4. Phlegm one of my favourite words, along with ooze and squelch.

    Glad you are back


  5. What a yukky title for a wonderful post, everything sounds to be doing really well. Glad to hear that you're feeling much better.

  6. Lovely news, Carrie! So glad you are feeling better. I've been having trouble in internet-land, and yours was the first news I saw upon a brief library visit, and what a great happy post to assuage my homesickness. Yay!

    Ah, the green smell. I know just what you mean. Love it.

  7. Hi Carrie - so glad you're feeling better.

    Look forward to seeing your photos - You really were my inspiration in keeping my allotment...and I'm loving it! Thank you...


  8. Tell Andy not to fret - everything is behind - hopefully this week things will put on a growth spurt!


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