Sunday, 23 May 2010

Love for my Hubby and the 'Tentwam'

He gives me flowers xx

This is his special gardening trug with his favourite things xx

Watering and giving his babies a good lookin' at xx
He took cuttings of lavendar and lets the poppies grow wild by the compost cause I love them xx
AND... he's a builder of fabulous tentwams!!! Don't you love it?

I love him xx


  1. Erm, are you trying to find the highest bidder for him? ;) He sounds great; I bet you're very precious to him too.

  2. You're both very lucky to have each other.

  3. yes, really must stop with the hubby praise on blogger - he'll get a super big head!! But I am lucky and he makes me happy and we help eachother grow.
    N.B. He can be a pain in the bum too at times!!! :)

  4. Carrie gilr these shots are beautiful .. the lighting is perfect .. soft and colourful and so inviting .. you draw us in as if we were really there sharing it all with you and Andrew .. lighting makes such a difference in how we react to pictures .. I truly get a "warm fuzzy" feeling in a wonderful way : )
    I planted a lot of lavender .. provence lavender for the long flower stalks so I can gather and dry them .. you can never have enough lavenders or poppies ? LOL
    Beautiful post : )

  5. It must be so nice for him to see that you appreciate, and of course love, him in this way! Flighty xx


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