Friday, 28 May 2010

Bank holiday and I'm taking a break

After my really good weekend last week, I had a pretty poor week. I felt great writing about things on Wednesday but really there hasn't been much joy in my heart. I need time, time for me, time to just try and not think at all.
I'll be back; this weekend and the Monday Andrew has off will hopefully recharge my batteries. I need the beach, the sea air in my hair, paddles in the cold Irish sea and the sand under my toes. I wish you all a great gardening time whilst I leave this computer for a few days; I feel it has taken over my life, haha. Apart from my e-mails I won't be involved in much on the net. No offence xxxxxxxxx

This is just a little bit of fun from Flighty's blog - the 8th picture of my 8th folder. Andrew and a very friendly and seemingly hungry goat at 'Owl World' recently. Hahahaha

Love to you all x


  1. Thanks for the mention!
    Take care and enjoy the weekend! Flighty xx

  2. Hope you have a good weekend, great photo!

  3. I hope you won't see this comment - I hope you're not on the computer! I strongly agree that time away from it helps.

  4. Dearest Carrie, here's hoping you got away from it all. (And here's me sneaking back for a peak at my fave blogs on the night before we get on the road home again. I can't wait to get back to my little place, as nice as it's been to get away -- and I hope you feel exactly the same about your bank holiday. :)

  5. hi carrie. have has a busy few days and am just catching up with everything online now. i hope your weekend has done you some good and you are begining to feel better.
    i have been showing off your photographs to my other half and he was very impressed. am throwing hints to him for my birthday lol

    take care of you

    Tricia xx

  6. Good for you..get that warm sand on your feet and breath in that sea air.. aahhhh!

    I wish I was going with you, enjoy, take your time.. have a wonderful vacation!

  7. Have a great time and come back all recharged. I felt in the need of sea air yesterday too - unfortunately our nearest seaside is Weston super Mare aka Weston super Mud. We still had fun there though - nothing like a good blow alond the sea front!


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