Friday, 21 May 2010

A collage of wonderment

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Yes dear reader I have created a collage of wonderment for your viewing pleasure. This is some of the loveliness on our plots at the moment. Click on it to make it bigger and enjoy, I am :)

(left to right )
row 1 - Strawberry flowers, Pak Choi seedlings, mixed Lettuce seedlings
row 2 - Borlotti beans, Redcurrants, Cherries (3!!)
row 3 - Summer Raspberries with rhubarb and blueberries, Salad bar #1, Autumn Raspberries betwixt wall flowers and strawberries, Broad bean
row 4 - Salad bar #2 and carrots in blue barrel, Redcurrants, Potatoes and lavendar


  1. Fabulous Carrie, it all looks so lush. I hope you are blooming with good health now. Doesn't it feel good when you see the rewards of hard work on the plot? M x

  2. Oh, wow! I almost didn't click but I'm glad I did. The way the light shines on the various plots is wonderful. It must have been afternoon?

  3. Wow, I am so jealous of your allotment, I Still want one! Lauran x

  4. What a fantastic salad bar! In the past couple of days as the weather warms up, I've been getting the urge to eat salad! Must go out and plant some !

  5. Wonderful. All those fab harvests to come.

  6. Carrie so nice to hear from you, So glad that you're better..

    Your plot of veggies and fruits look so darn healthy and yummy! I'm jealous too" they look so pretty!

    I hope to grow veggies as lovely as yours one day! If I lived near you,
    I would invite myself to your dinners! LoL!!

    P.S your Art work in the Etsy shop is AWESOME!!!!

  7. Well done you, that collage (and allotment) is fantastic - my veg patch is looking very sad at the moment - a cold dry spring means there has been too little growth. Hopefully it will catch up ......

    Rosie x


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