Saturday, 15 May 2010

Crappy Flu stills lingers on but...

I haven't been to my lottie in ages. Well I nearly get there today, I was in the car park whilst Andy took down some new seedlings to the coldframes. I'm still too ill to be out and about and couldn't go down with him as it had just started raining and I was shivery as it was. I loved seeing Mary, Dougie and a friend have a typical break from work though - a cup of tea sitting out in the rain refusing to believe it was happening!

So all I have been seeing of the lottie is what is put on my plate at dinner time. I haven't even been in the kitchen to take photos of the things brought home and I've eaten everything before I think of photographing the cooked version- ooops!

But what has made its way home? Well :-
* 2 wonderful asparagus spears (now mine did go in a flash off my plate, no hope of a photo there, hahaha)
* 7 more thick stems of rhubarb (which Andrew stewed down with some sugar and a dash of water to made the most wonderful compote - I eat some every morning, it's so good)
* lots more leeks (I wonder if they'll ever run out?)
* Sorrel (from the verges but we have our own now, ready to plant out, in fact Andrew my well be doing that right now)
* Loads of salad leaves, in particualr my 2 favourites, red salad bowl and mizuna.
* Loads of PSB (forgive all those things I said about you in the past PSB, you are amazing and diffinately worth waiting for!!!)

I also saw that Bobby's memorial bench and apple tree have been put in place and look great, but I hadn't my camera so I'll get that the next time I am able to go down.

Hugs, off to try and sleep again x


  1. Oh, I love that they've put in an apple tree in honor of your friend. What a wonderful tribute!

    I do hope you feel better soon, Carrie. The vitamins in those yummy garden harvests are surely helping you to mend. :)

  2. Hi Carrie, sorry to hear you have been ill. I know how you feel as I too have the 'lurgy' and it's lingering on just a bit too long. But silly me went up and worked on the allotment for a couple of hours, got very cold as it was late in the day, and suffered from an earache and and more coughing. I should have stayed at home. I hope you feel better soon. M x

  3. The weeds are growing about a foot a day at the moment, so probably best you don't go down to the allotment... till somebody else has weeded it for you! Hope you feel better soon. xx

  4. Leeks never run out, even in my improvident garden :) Hope you're better soon.

  5. What a great haul from the allotment. Hope you shake the flu off soon x

  6. Let's hope for better weather and maybe you'll feel better

  7. Carrie girl I was just speed reading to catch up on all your missions ! Malvern show ! my goodness .. cute picture there of the biccy? moment ! LOL
    Did you see any American s ? I think Gail and Frances were in the crowd .. any scarce Canadians ? LOL
    The pictures are lovely and of course water in any picture has me glued to the monitor .. I love that : )
    Sorry you are feeling so crappy .. we had a round of the head cold not so long ago .. then of course it is allergy season .. so I understand how you feel with that .. but eventually it will move on and you will feel better .. just like the determination of my fern who burst forth from the paving ! LOL
    Take care
    Joy : )

  8. I hope your Get well soon Carrie, keep eating those nutritious garden veggies, perhaps even have your Andrew put a little in some soup..if you like...Yum!

    May the bounty from your earth bring you a speedy recover and stronger immunity!


  9. (will post your warning here this time. Stay with yesterday's yellow flowers. Today's is a sad post. And on Friday we will go back to the happier half of the Owl House)

  10. Hope you feel better again soon xxxx

  11. Thank you for all the well wishes - they appear to have worked (big hugs)!!!

    Joy - an e-mail is coming your way tonight.
    Elephant's Eye - I shall not desert you in a sad time, I thank you for the warning though x


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