Monday, 24 May 2010

Bloomn' Monday - A red poppy

My utterly gorgeous oriential red poppy - 'Ni hao! and how are you today?'

'Well, my my ' said I, ' hello to you too and aren't you just absolutely, utterly gorgeous. I am having a fab day thank you, the sun is shining and the birds are singing and everything here on my lottie is growing before my eyes - today, my friend, is a good day.'

'I am glad, for today is also a good day for me. I opened up to my fullest today and the sun was shining on my face and the bees were visiting me for breakfast, it has really been quite delightful so far. Oh and then here you are with your lovely dog'.

Maggie tries to sniff Poppy in a friendly way and danders off to check for cats ('darn cats', thinks Maggie)

'May I take your photograph?' says I

'Why yes please, for you see as a Poppy I get battered about as soon as the weather turns and I look particulary nice today, I would love for you friends to see me', said Poppy.

And so I did take her photo and here she is looking all gorgeous. She has many siblings coming too and that makes me very happy - Saturday's visit to the lottie was a very lovely affair indeed :)


  1. That's lovely! I've got one on the plot which I don't recollect flowering before but it has got several buds on it.
    By the way I won't tell anyone that you talk to the flowers! Flighty xx

  2. I have sown some oriental poppy seeds this year so I hope next year I will have big blousy flowers too!

  3. Oh, they are incredible beauties aren't they! Ours are dancing in the gardens and will soon fade. Happy to hear your enjoying your day : )

  4. "Oh Carrie you sure know how to get one day dreaming.. That's sounds like a lovely day indeed!

    Singing birds and sunshine is always my kind of Day!

    Beautiful Poppy!..I think poppies are the prettiest and daintiest of flowers..

  5. Carrie girl I think I have a sunburned face from all of that sunshine ? LOL
    We are waiting for our very red poppies to open and smile at us here .. the heat/humidity wave is lasting forever and we NEED rain badly. Mean while I drag the hose around with me as I cut back too much greenery and encourage some more smiling faces of the flowers .. phew !
    Joy : )
    PS .. Your photo is beautiful !!

  6. Oh yes! let's hear it for the sunshine! Amazing stuff, makes everything seem brighter and better! What a difference I've seen in just 4 days in the garden!

  7. What an enchanting conversation, Carrie! I loved the post. Perfectly bright and sunny, to match the personality of this beautiful poppy.

    Wonderful photo, too. Especially lovely once enlarged. :)


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