Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sloe Gin - Wordless Wednesday

Christmas angel corrupted by the demon drink - homemade Sloe Gin!


  1. That looks so good Carrie, I could really do with a glass of that today ;o)


  2. Oh it is good, bit medicine-y but once you get over your nostril hairs being burnt by the alcohol it's okay, hahahaha

  3. Selkie/Rosemary/Pearl9 December 2009 at 20:03

    ah I love it, please post the photo over on growveg :D

  4. posted rosie xx
    rothschild orchard - you are very welcome to come to N. Ireland for a tipple xx

  5. Hahaha! Too funny! My Mom used to love sloe gin fizzes. She wasn't a drinker but I always remember her having them at cocktail parties at our house when I was young. I tried once once and it did feel like it burned my nose hairs but oh what a nice warm feeling afterwards! LOL

  6. No wonder that she's got rosy cheeks! Flighty xx

  7. I love your angel Carrie, I collect the 'homespun' simple Christmasy angels and she is delightful even if she's a drunkard !! in fact I love 'fallen' Angels even better.

  8. Fallen angel indeed. Back in the day, there was a drink we may or may not have imbibed called a sloe comfortable screw, sloe gin, southern comfort and orange juice. Wicked. A jolly Christmas to you.


  9. no wonder our taste buds are shot

  10. Ellie Mae's mum - I knew it, I am not alone in thinking my nose hair is shinged. Sloe gin fizz sounds very glam x

    Flighty - Yes, she does look rather 'merry' haha x

    Maureen - I adore little angels like this,
    this one has great stripey tights and willow
    twig wings, so cute

    Oh Francis!- Even the name makes the old cheeks blush - fab.A Merry Christmas to you and yours xx (By the way, being the festive season, I forgive you, regarding the biscuits, now I understand XX)


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