Thursday, 17 December 2009


I broke through my 3 weeks of insomnia last night (and quite a large part of today). It's been so nasty, just running on sugar and panic. Today I am trying to get as much sleep as possible so I have a few new pictures for you instead of a read. I'm off for a nap, hahaha. Fingers crossed I have turned a corner ~ 3 weeks my friends 3. Boys a dear (as my Nana just to say).

Of course they're were a lot more but as feared I feel asleep while these ones were loading and now it's getting late, hehe. Sleep is my friend again!


  1. Lovely photos and have a peaceful and refreshing sleep.

  2. Lovely photos Carrie.., especially the leisure walk through the woods. That definitely wasn't sleep walking, yea?. Enjoy your sleep, and dream of good things.

  3. Joanne and Bangchik - thank you for your comments on my photos and I didn't sleep well last night again :( but still feel much better xxxx

  4. Carrie .. I think I have been asleep at the wheel myself here .. you have been posting away and I have been missing them ! I love these pictures .. your eye is like mine in seeing "pictures" the leaf placed on the greenery and then the wood .. PERFECT !!!
    Joy : )

  5. P.S.
    I forgot to say how hard I know it is to get some sleep .. hope you have many more wonderful naps to make up for that horrible period of not sleeping .. keep hitting the snooze button sweetie !!


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