Thursday, 31 December 2009

The future ain't what it used to be

As far as I am aware Dickens didn't write a book about New Year so I don't know what the correct term is, I'll just have to stick with the name Scrooge; New Year's Eve ~ Bah Humbug!

I just don't get it, why do we all have to look fondly back over the past year and talk about all the wondeful things that happened? I can think of a few of the top of my head; friends had babies, friends got pregnant, and some got engaged, we won Allotment of the Year, there was the first Allotment open day, trips to Italy and France, Andrew and I turned 30, I made some fabulous on-line friends I wouldn't be without......But. There was a lot of crap too, depression, anxiety, insomina, war, deaths, constant moaning about the Allotments, oh god I despair.....

So if you're into the whole celebration of another year to be conquered and many dreams unfullfilled then HAPPY NEW YEAR  to you! Get drunk like so many people seem to think is necessary (ah, are they in fact hiding behind alcohol and secretly hate the whole party too?) and make some resolutions you won't keep. Then see you tomorrow, where nothing will have changed and it's not really Hoorah!! 2010 but in fact it's just Friday.

I'm not in the best mood as you can tell. I am just fed up with commericalism and the 'need' to be happy. I'm personally exhausted at the thought of another year ahead,  I just try to stick with one day at a time.

Kisses and hugs to you all, I'm off to eat chocolate - now there is a reason to celebrate: chocolate.

I have a happier postt planned for tomorrow on seaweed, do come back for that - I'm not this grumpy all the time :)

2 hours later.....
I've just had the panic attack I was hiding towards, and now I feel clamer with my meds and a hot shower. It sounds very big headed but I just finished reading my own words in the Allotmentherapy essay I wrote earlier this year and I feel better for it, I'm my own therapist, haha. Embrace the new year, a new season for growth, both growth of food and of soul. My deepest love to you all x


  1. Happy New Year Carrie and lets paint the future with your favourite colour!!!


  2. Like all years it was an up and down one but I have to say that for blogging and plotting I reckon I generally had a good one, providing I don't think about my abject failure with the blackfly infested broad beans!
    I don't celebrate New Year so it'll be a quiet evening spent reading the wonderful Chiltern Seed catalogue along with a cup of tea and a dark KitKat!
    Us gardeners have to be optimistic so here's to us all having a wonderful 2010 on the allotment!
    Happy New Year! Flighty xx

  3. Hi Carrie
    If Happy New Year doesn't work for you - how about Happy New Planting Season?

  4. Thank you sweet blogging pals. I love that 'paint the future with your favourite colour' and I too shall be looking at lovely garden books and thinking of a New Planting Season. Oh hugs to you all xx

  5. Right back at ya, Carrie... think I'm more excited about tomorrow being Friday than Jan 1st! Have a goodun tonight though whatever you end up doing - hope there's chocolate involved!

    Much love

  6. Happy New Year Carrie & Andrew (not forgetting Maggie) you have a new home to look forward to and lot's of yummy veg and fruit from your allotment in 2010, so onwards to the new year. Personally I love the clean slate of a new year, even though this one has been good I still look forward to better things.
    Love to you x

  7. Stephen! - welcome to my comments section x We're staying in with Jool's on TV, wine and yes chocolate! xx

    Maureen - Love to you and the family too. A big lick from Maggie (if that's not too weird). Trying not to think about the new house, I get rather too excited.

  8. OOH! A Dark Kitkat! They haven't made it to South Africa. I live in hope ... Or was that just a Christmas Special?

  9. I do like your little pink 'partridge in a pear tree'!


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