Monday, 7 December 2009

You got be dedicated if you wanna be a ....

...Record Breaker, record breaker oohhhh!
Do you remember the Guinness Book of World Records show with Roy Castle? I loved it so much. I also got the annual with millions of facts every year (which I never looked at post-christmas), not that I remember any of that info.

But one Record is very fresh in my mind - Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland broke the tree planting record on Saturday!!! Hurrah for the Derry group who shattered the previous record by 8,000 trees. The record now stands at over 26,000 trees planted in a single place in 1 hour. Read all about it here: BBC NI news

We didn't do so well at Eden, but trees were planted :)

Forgive any BAD spelling, they've taken away spell checker on Blogger, I'm not happy :(


  1. I say hurray for every tree that was planted regardless of records being broken or not! Flighty xx

  2. Oh yes I remember that! Didn't Roy Castle himself hold some sort of record for playing the most musical instruments or something!

  3. Spell checker - they say is because of many languages. Welcome to the global village.

  4. Flighty - Yes HURRAH!! indeed xxx

    Lauran - Knew you would remember, a stalwart of our childhood - I loved Roy.x

    Elephant's Eye - Pah! I want it back, no excuses xx

  5. Carrie girl ! .. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get here .. and WOW !! on that record for planting trees !!! I think that is so wonderful .. I have tried to squeeze as many trees as I can in our garden (front and back) .. I'll be adding a couple more this Spring : )
    You blog is looking so pretty with the Christmas design .. I wish I could do that .. hey don't worry about the spell check (it is addictive though isn't it ? .. we almost panic when we don't have it ? LOL) .. we will understand what you are trying to say , no worries !!
    Joy : )


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