Friday, 18 December 2009

OOTS - for VP

Prepare yourself to be... underwhelmed my dear; I think this is a far cry from what you are used to. I haven't gone round people's houses yet (bit scared really in case I get bopped on the nose) but here are Carrickfergus' 2 town center Christmas trees. The first is in the Civic Center and is really quite nice, the 2nd, well ...... and this is it's 'good' side.....

There are also some colourful planting boxes outside the Civic Center.

So on to Belfast and I was concentrating more on not getting killed by the over zealous (read darned nasty) Christmas shoppers than on my photos to be honest but here are the few I could get.

The City Hall and the City Christmas tree with the Contential market going on.

Our newest Shopping Center 'Victoria Square' with fabulous single colour swathes of lights, loads of trees and one of the biggest fake Christmas trees ever in the world (I think anyway).  I swear it's about 40 ft tall!!! Just look at the people next to it - real normal sized humans!

So there, not terribly exciting I will promise to do better, when not being jostled about by angry, flustered women doing their christmas gift shopping. Oh tis the season of giving and peace and loveliness - NOT. Glad I'm done shopping myself, praise be to the internet!

I must really apologise for the way this post has turned out, I'm just not so good at the old photo placement now things have changed with Blogger.


  1. Fantastic nightime shots of Belfast Carrie and I really do think Carrickfergus might just be a little bit better than Chippenham :o

    But first, I will be bringing you the great Christmas tree controversy from Poole which I unearthed yesterday.

    Thanks for getting all jostled and fed up to bring your contribution for OOTS. I know how you hate that kind of thing at the best of times, so it's fantastic to see you persevered and got stuck in :)

    Just come back in to say WV says whict, which is so close to wick, it's made me giggle!

  2. Great post but yes Christmas shoppers are the worst.

  3. It's always fun seeing decorations in other cities/countreis. I love your retro blog background, esp. the snowman and deer. Bless!

  4. VP - 'The great Christmas tree controversy in Poole', does the excitment never end? Of course I perservered, for you and for OOTS to would do it again (though not for a while). 'Whict' - Ulster-Scots for 'quiet!', WV's are so random I often get a giggle.

    Joanne - Not more Christmas shopping for me! All sorted and very happy.

    Monica - Oh the snowman and deer are my favourite too. Modern Christmases seem to have lost that warmth I think, style over substance. What's cosy and calming about black and silver christmas decorations and fibre optic lights?

  5. Carrie girl ! I think you did a great job : ) I don't go out at night .. so I have never gotten pictures like these which is too bad because Kingston does have some pretty Xmas decorations .. maybe I should make an effort this week and at least get some day time pictures ? .. you inspire me .. so between all the craziness I will try to remember to do this ? : )


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