Monday, 14 December 2009

Not hating Christmas so far!

This is great! I honestly don't hate Christmas today. In fact I have been continuing my decoration of the the living room and chatting to my friend ('support worker' really, but we're becoming friends) Eimear about presents and what not. I've gone for the 'bringing-the-outdoors-in' feel and the crafty look that is really me. I have more personally  handmade things put up; a knitted snowman and Santa,a felt reindeer and cross stitch angel, a stocking for Maggie and oranges with cloves in (never done that before - why not!?, so nice).

Plus today Andrew bought me a new angel in  my favourite shop, Oxfam. She's a beauty and can have a candle inside her if you wish, clever girl!

Anywho, Andrew, Maggie and I went to the local forest on Saturday and had a good time foraging for things to put on my new wreath. I took lots of photos too which was nice because I haven't been indulging that enough. Pictures from that trip tomorrow I think; arty farty ones ;) For now the wreath is finished in all its being from my point of view but Andrew has blue star lights he is deseperate to wrap round it before it goes on the door. I'll post a picture tomorrow x

You know having more of the outside in the house is like Ecotherapy too. I can smell conifer, oranges and cloves and there are berries and berry flavour candles and of course reminders of trees and nature. I'm viewing Christmas in a different way.

Oh, I also got my secret santa present from (well it's secret so I don't really know) a GrowVeg friend. Very excited ~ 3 parcels but I promise I won't open them! Plus every time I look over the wrapping paper has 'no peeping' printed all over it, haha.


  1. Hi Carrie, it's so good to see you in a great big positive Christmasy mood, it must be the Angels. Your stitched Angel is lovely, is it the one you did yourself ? Your new angel from Andrew is so lovely, I like Oxfam goods as well ! Remember this is possibly (NO definitely, got to be positive here) your last Christmas in this wee house, so make it Shine !!
    M xx

  2. Yep I made her and her little robin friend. Not bad for someone with double vision, eh?? I really am trying to be positive, if I think about past Christmases I get so low - so new start, new traditions, new me xx Oh it's SO exciting, last christmas here!!! Eeekk x

  3. no peeping. But did you poke it, and squeeze it, and shake it??? Is it heavy???
    PS Do link your wreath in with me and Deborah.

  4. I love the oranges with the cloves! I'll have to try that... probably smells yummy! Your decorations look so cheery! You are doing an awesome job!

  5. looks fantastic! hooray for Christmas!! Lauran x

  6. Diane - I did poke them, all different textures in each package...ecxiting!! Nothing heavy though, but diamond aren't really are they, hahaaha x

    Ellie May's mom - do the orange and clove thing, even maggie stops every time she walks past and gives it a sniffin' x

    Lauran - thank you, my only old school friend who reads my blog - love you xx

  7. Leave it to me to work backwards reading your posts Carrie ? .. you gave me a great idea of putting cloves in oranges for scent !! : ) Now that is wonderful .. I will be working on more wonderful smelly things for Xmas now .. stay away from the parcels girl !! LOL
    Joy : )


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