Friday, 4 December 2009

Calling occupants of Earth!!

I've been terrible and forgot to talk about National Tree Week which runs every year. This year it's from 25th November (way back on Wednesday!) to the 6th December (this Sunday). So there is still time to do your bit ~ plant a tree or six and enjoy the trees all round us, with out them, well, we'd be dead probably!!
For those of you reading this humble blog and are who are Eden Lottie Holders ~ tomorrow at 11am, we are planting trees at the allotment gardens with the Conservation Volunteers. It's part of the Breathing Spaces Tree O' Clock event and if we try hard enough we could even break a world record for the most number of trees planted in 1 hour. Now there's a challenge for you.
I really urge you check out the website highlighted, it tells you all about native UK trees (and international trees, if you want to take part where ever you are) and how to plant them. Very important to plant a tree properly, otherwise, what's the point! So read over that, even if you've planted many a tree before and brush up on the best techniques.

Remember that every day loads are cut down; venerable trees older than us that have witnessed the pasting of history that we only get to read about, ironically on the paper they sacrifice for us.

Therefore - Hug a tree tomorrow too, why not? - that's my challenge to you all.
Trees....bloody brilliant!!


  1. Have fun tomorrow, and fingers crossed that the weather will be okay!
    I like your Christmas layout! Flighty xx

  2. Carrie, as much as I love both you and trees, I am absolutely refusing to hug a tree if it is still raining as much as it is now.
    If I promise to hug three when the weather improves will that be okay with you?

  3. Flighty - thank you for noticing my new layout. I am trying to get into the festive spirit!

    James - When the weather improves any tree that gets a hug from you will think it worth the wait x


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