Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Interviewed!! - me, by a proper magazine!!!!

Yes dear reader, I, your humble Carrie, has just been interviewed by a lovely lady (Kate) from Woman's Own magazine. How's that to make you feel special of a dull Tuesday morning? It was for an issue due out in January wherein there will be very helpful tips on how to stay sane and happy after the stress of Christmas and the New Year (and the debts and bad eating habits we've gotten ourselves into, you know who you are!).

My part is in connection with Mind, for who I am honoured to be a media volunteer. If you haven't already heard of them, check out their website. They really are trying (like me I hope) to break the stigma of poor mental health. In fact they are trying to attach a big bomb to any stigma and blow it up, never to be seen again. I really do have hope (yes, it often fails me, I admit) that the medical profession will start to actually listen to groups like this and indeed if I'm honest, to people like me. Ecotherapy is a tool, a medicine if you will, to help (not nessarily cure) those of us with poor mental health and anxiety. Even if you are lucky enough not to experience these problems to a life altering level - Ecotherapy is good for you too!!!!

Though who am I talking to!! Haha, anyone reading this will already know the Wisdom of Plants and the simple  fact that we are creatures of the earth. We are not meant to live in concrete worlds, and never see and listen, touch and smell living plants. Where ever you are right now I hope you can see tree, a flower, a carrot even - get in touch with what really matters. And if all else fails and you're still stressed, look at my silly picture (showing off my new hat, fleece and wellies on Saturday - it was a COLD day)  and remember - wine is a fruit juice = it's good for you.


  1. Congrats Carrie, don't forget to let us all know when the issue is to appear. It's one I don't buy, but I will definitely buy that issue.
    Have a good week.

  2. Congrats Carrie on you interview. I so agree with your statement that we are not meant to live with-out Nature. I'm not at peace if I can't grow something, hear a bird singing, and bathe in the sun with a glass of Ice tea.

  3. Whooo hooo - go gal go! You must let us know when the issue's out, though my mum will know anyway as I bought her a WO subscription for her birthday.

    I think my Doctor must be one of the saner people about mental health in the medical profession. When I was off work with stress and anxiety attacks, he didn't reach for his prescription pad. His 'prescription' was time off work and the advice to 'go and do something you really enjoy, no matter how small'.

    I spent ages up at my allotment as a result. Some days I could only put my hands in the soil to feel it. Anything else was just too much. But it got me there in the end, much more effectively than anything else could have done.

  4. How exciting! Congrats Carrie!!! What a great cause - making mental health less of a stagma is so important! By the way you look absolutely adorable in that photo! Also, I love your new holiday background!

  5. That is very exciting Carrie. I shall celebrate with some fruit juice this evening. And I look forward to seeing the article

  6. Thank you so much ladies! So many lovely comments *blush*
    The issue is due out on the 12th Jan, I'll probably be stuck in a dark corner somewhere in it but who cares? So great to get the Ecotherapy news out there!!!


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