Monday, 17 November 2008

A video!!! (and a bit of a rant)

Andrew is off for a mo, leaving back a DVD, I'm a mess and have to keep occupied. So I thought I would try and publish my 1st video post.

I took this on Sunday afternoon when we came home from Krakow. It is a very short piece on the poor drainage on site - it is a problem all over the 3 fields. This is the path between Fields A and B and it isn't the worst bit - I really sank down in that area! Thank goodness for wellies!!!

The paths are really a shameful issue on the lottie and as a person with visual problems (permanent double vision) it is something I personally wish could be sorted out a bit better. That's without even starting on the fact that there are many older people who have to cart things down to their plots, walking on this - it is so slimy and that the Allotments are supposed to be accessible to everyone under the Disability Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 -

Okay, if you can get sound on this video - I make a comment saying it is kind of fun. Getting mucky in your wellies is - that's what I meant. Not being scared about where you put your feet.


  1. Ask your local Councillor for action Carrie

  2. Believe me the council has been told about this many many times and has, in their eyes, they've fixed the problem, haha. I don't know - we have an allotment committee and we have been at them (god love them) to get it sorted.


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