Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Broad Beans and a Cold Frame Lid

Come with me as I travel back to the 1st of November. Things were going well - I had already got new shoes in Belfast, had the best lunch in Avoca and now I was at the lottie with my hubby.

Andrew had made the cold frame lid at home days before but of course we couldn't get to our beloved plot until the weekend to fit it. He used some wooden batons and screwed car port, corrugated plastic on top to create a secure and effective top (glass would have been easier and cheaper but it's not allowed on our site for insurance reasons). So while he fiddled about with henges and screws, to great effect it must be said, I sowed some broad beans.

I get rather excited when I get to watch a (successful) plant grow right from my sowing to picking the produce. Then of course there's the joy of ripping it out of the ground, chopping it up and composting it - ah, the circle of life! Anyway, I got myself all set up in the shed and did my thing with the 'Aquadulce Claudia' seeds, which are very pretty and feel lovely. Just multi-purpose compost in seed trays, I planted 24, some for us, some for Mamma G and some insurance policy ones (just in case). It felt great and after a nice watering they went into the newly improved cold frame - perfection.

So as Andrew perfected the positioning of his work of art and safely placed some tender plants (and my seeds inside) I took a dander. And low and behold, my daffodils are starting to poke their little heads up from the flower bed. Ah the sweet victory of spring over the harshness of winter!!!


  1. Interesting blog. That cold frame really looks the business!

  2. Yes, that is one executive cold frame, a gold standard model. Whoever built that is some kind of genius... ;)

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving a message. Yes, my husband is very good at the old DIY, i'm a lucky girl.


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